Will Sha'Carri Richardson miss Olympics? Fans say 'Michael Phelps got away with smoking weed'

Will Sha'Carri Richardson miss Olympics? Fans say 'Michael Phelps got away with smoking weed'
Sha'Carri Richardson qualified for her maiden Olympic berth recently (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Star sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson, who was recently dubbed the fastest woman in America, is facing uncertainty over her participation in the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for cannabis. According to The Guardian, the 21-year-old athlete and top medal contender is unlikely to get a chance to participate in the 100m title at the Tokyo Olympics this month. Though not confirmed by all sources, it is believed that Richardson has tested positive for marijuana.

Following the result, the sprinter tweeted: 'I am human' - after she withdrew from 200 meters race at the upcoming Diamond League meeting in Stockholm. She is facing a 30-day suspension at the moment for failing the drug test. However, Richardson's fans are outraged after it was revealed that she could be left out of the Tokyo Olympics. They even dragged Olympic legend Michael Phelps into the controversy, citing that the star swimmer was also found to be smoking pot. "Marijuana? This is ridiculous if true. Sha’Carri Richardson deserves better. Do you have any idea all the sh*t media and police looked the other way to allow Michael Phelps to keep swimming?" tweeted sports writer Chuck Modi. 


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'Michael Phelps smoked weed'

As per the WADA Code, cannabinoids like marijuana and THC are banned in competition and can result in suspension up to four years if the use is intentional by the athlete. Richardson is facing the minimum ban of one month, which is handed if the athlete “satisfactorily completes a Substance of Abuse treatment program approved by the anti-doping organization with results management responsibility.”

However, the ban can still make her miss the Olympics since her results from the 100-meter trials would then stand disqualified. She had recently secured her maiden Olympic berth clocking a time of 10.86 seconds in 100 meters at the Olympic Trials last week. She later revealed that she lost her mother just a week before her trials. According to LetsRun, Richardson is likely to be replaced by Jenna Prandini in case of her ban. 

However, Richardson's fans are not ready to accept the ruling as they accused the authorities of being biased toward Phelps. The 23-times gold medallist, who is often branded the 'greatest Olympian ever' was caught on camera smoking marijuana from a bong at a party in 2009. He was thereafter suspended for three months by the USA Swimming and was publicly admonished by the association. 

"Yo they let Michael Phelps swim… they gotta let Sha’Carri run…" tweeted a supporter of Richardson. 

Another user wrote, "SHE TESTED POSITIVE FOR WEED AND THEY’RE NOT LETTING HER COMPETE? WEEEEEED?!?! Are we SERIOUS? In 2021?! Michael Phelps still got to compete. Wtf"

"I don’t understand how Michael Phelps can get away with smoking weed & letting it be known. But she can’t like I don’t wanna pull the race card here. But come on now it’s right there in our faces. What makes Sha’Carri any different from Michael Phelps in this situation?" a third user said, while a fourth one chimed in, "Michael Phelps got a pass for weed, so leave Sha'Carri Richardson alone."

"Michael Phelps smoked weed too. Why punish Sha'Carri," said another.







However, contrary to the popular belief, Phelps did face consequences for his use of marijuana. Unlike Richardson, he did not fail the drug test prior to his participation at the Olympics.  "Michael Phelps incident occurred following the Olympics as he passed all drug tests during trials and the 2008 Olympic run. That’s why the US Swimming Organization was the one to implement the disciplinary action, not the International Olympic Committee (IOC)," a Twitter user clarified. 

Another user tweeted, "Michael Phelps didn’t get away with anything. He got suspended for 3 months and lost a big sponsor." He referred to Phelps losing his sponsorship with the brand Kelloggs.



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