Sex-obsessed mother, 22, killed two daughters 18 days apart because they 'got in the way' of her dating life

Sex-obsessed mother, 22, killed two daughters 18 days apart because they 'got in the way' of her dating life

A young mother decided to kill her two young daughters over a span of three weeks as they "got in the way" of her X-rated lifestyle, a court heard.

22-year-old Louise Porton suffocated her three-year-old Lexi Draper and then killed 17-month-old Scarlett Vaughan around 18 days later. 

A friend of Porton allegedly said that the part-time model "would do whatever she could" to not have her daughters with her.

She had also met several men online on various dating sites and would send them "explicit" pictures of herself in the lead up to her daughters' murders.

It has been claimed that Porton had also offered to meet for sex provided that the men would put money into her bank account in order to fund her "shopping".

The Birmingham Court was made aware that she had sent a topless picture of herself from the hospital toilets while her daughter Lexi was being treated by medics.

She had also exchanged more than 80 messages with a hospital guard after she met him in the A&E department, prosecutors revealed. 


Jurors were also told how Porton had done a bunch of internet searches referring to children's deaths the day before the first alleged murder had taken place.

The internet searches reportedly included "how long does it take a body to go cold?" and "five weird things that happen when you die".

Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC told the court that doctors could find "no natural reason" why both the children had died.

As reported by Mirror, he shared, "The overwhelming inference is Lexi and Scarlett died because someone deliberately interfered with their breathing."

"At times, her two children got in the way of her doing what she wanted when she wanted and with whom she wanted," he added.

Jurors also shared that she was "unemotional and detached" post-Lexi's death on January 15 last year.

She reportedly went through a "charade" of trying to wake Scarlett up on February 1 even though she was dead. 


The court heard how Porton had taken Lexi to the hospital on January 2 claiming that she had suffered from a seizure but, upon being examined, she was found fit and allowed home.

Less than 24 hours later, Porton called 999 and said that Lexi had stopped breathing and she was rushed to the hospital.

It was later diagnosed as a chest infection and she was discharged four days later.

"Finally, a week later, in the early hours of January 15, the defendant made another 999 call," Saxby added. 

"Again, Lexi had stopped breathing. This time when the emergency services attended they found Lexi dead. Indeed, it was clear that she had been dead for some time," he shared before adding how "unnaturally detached" Porton was after her child died.

He also shared that Porton's reaction "was not as one would expect of an innocent mother coming to terms with so shocking a bereavement."

Jurors were told how she had called 111 around 18 days later saying that she could not wake up her other daughter Scarlett. 


Saxby said, "The defendant was in her car. Scarlett was with her. They were alone. She told the operators she was en route to the hospital to have her checked out. She said Scarlett was asleep and she was concerned. The operator asked the defendant to see if she could wake her. She went through the process—you may well conclude this was something of a charade—of seeing if she could wake Scarlett. But she could not. Because Scarlett was dead. It was clear to the emergency services when they attended shortly afterward that Scarlett had been dead for some time."

The jurors were also made aware that a social worker had seen Scarlett looking "chatty, alert and happy" just hours before she had died.

Porton broke down in court as the recordings of her 111 and 999 calls were played out. Her trial continues. 


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 sex obsessed mother killed her two baby daughters as they got in the way of her dating life