Sex, lies and audiotapes: Shocking truths the British royal family has tried hard to hide

Sex, lies and audiotapes: Shocking truths the British royal family has tried hard to hide
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All members of the British royal family have to go through professional etiquette training and an enormous amount of resources are spent on making them seem flawless. However, there has been many a time when they managed to embarrass themselves. Here is a quick look at some of the most shocking moments from the lives of these royals.

Sarah Ferguson caught having her toes sucked

When it comes to the British royal family and their list of embarrassing incidents, Sarah Ferguson is sure to be on the top of the list. The former royal did plenty in her time to not only embarrass herself and her then-husband Prince Andrew but also the whole royal family. One of her most embarrassing moment was the one time when paparazzi captured pictures of her alleged lover sucking her toes. Fergie had another embarrassing moment when it was revealed that she had taken money in exchange for premier access to her royal ex-husband Prince Andrew.

Princess Margaret's nudes inspire a bank heist

Queen Elizabeth's younger sister Princess Margaret was quite adept at embarrassing the royal family. Margaret was quite infamous for scandals in her heyday and had a penchant for getting her pictures taken in little or no clothing. So it wasn't surprising when robbers broke into a Lloyd’s of London bank in order to try and steal copies of naked pictures of Princess Margaret, that too with a man that was not her husband. Not only was the whole incident a huge embarrassment for the British royal family, they can't ever forget the story since it became the plot of a Jason Statham movie in 2008.

Prince Harry having 'too much' fun in Vegas

Before Prince Harry started running multiple charitable organizations with the former First Lady of the US Michelle Obama, the young Duke of Sussex had quite the reputation as a wild party animal. His unscrupulous antics, which he later blamed on the immature passing of his mother Princess Diana, ranged from drinking too much at parties to ending up snorting vodka. The media was only too happy to exhibit the ginger-haired Prince's exploits, giving the royal family more negative press. However, the one incident that took the cake was when Prince Harry was captured by the paparazzi letting loose while partying in Las Vegas, and so loose, that his 'crown jewels' even were pretty much on display. If that's not a royal embarrassment, no one knows what is.

Queen Elizabeth's excellent 'digging' skills

Everyone in the royal family is human, therefore, there are times when the despite being surrounded by multiple photographers their every movement becomes the focus of attention even though the action may be quite private as picking one's nose. Something similar happened to the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, when she was caught on camera with one finger up her nose, digging away to glory at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2014. If it was someone from the masses, this would have been passed off as an irrelevant incident, but when it came upon the Queen of Britain, the royal family was not so fortunate to be able to escape the embarrassment.

Prince Charles' not-so-romantic phone call

Princess Diana wasn't the only one who was unfaithful during her relationship and marriage to Prince Charles. The Duke of Wales reportedly had a long-standing affair with his now-wife Camilla Parker-Knowles, which was also the forefront of his and Diana’s marital woes. This affair blew up for Prince Charles after a phone conversation of his with his then-mistress Camilla made it into the hands of the press. According to the CheatSheet, on the particular bedtime phone call, Prince Charles was talking to his mistress Camilla about how he wanted to be reincarnated as her tampon. The rest of the royal family was pretty disgusted when they heard of it, but Princess Diana somehow found a way to see it as an amusing incident.

Kate Middleton's Marilyn Monroe moment

When Kate first started dating Prince William, the couple were still able to happily court each other with a good amount of privacy. The Duchess of Cambridge had a Marilyn Monroe moment while on a trip to India with William in April 2016. In the year 2012, French paparazzi captured the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless. The incident turned out to be quite an embarrassment for the newlywed coupl and the paparazzi that took the shots are currently still facing charges for the incident. 

Prince William gets handsy on ski trip

Prince William is quite adept when it comes to keeping his personal life as private as possible, safely away from the ever-prying eyes of the media. The Duke of Cambridge is also pretty good at keeping all his not-so-royal shenanigans a secret. So when the media caught a glance of Prince William getting royally busted while he was getting to close and personal with a bunch of females at a boy’s ski weekend party, things got a bit too ugly.

Princess Diana's love letters go on sale

Princess Diana, as people know, had her own share of affairs while she was still married to Prince Charles. So when one of her ex-lovers started cashing in on her fame after her tragic death, it was a massive blow to the sentiments of the British Royal family. James Hewitt, who was known to be a former lover of Princess Diana, tried to sell off some of their personal and extremely controversial love letters to the press after Diana's passing away, something which shocked the royal family to the core. Hewitt, who apparently tried to auction off the letters to the highest bidder, has since given multiple interviews claiming that he did no such thing.

Kate Middleton's exceptional roller-blading skills

Kate Middleton, before becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, clearly caused quite some commotion during one of her roller disco charity events which she herself helped organize back in 2008. The particular event and night are infamous for the present-day beef that her cousin-in-law, Princess Beatrice shares with the royal, amongst other things. However, one of the most embarrassing memories from that party is a picture of Kate, who seems to have fallen off her skates and lying flat on her back.

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