Large, destructive tornado strikes Dayton Metro area as Ohio grapples with severe storms

Large, destructive tornado strikes Dayton Metro area as Ohio grapples with severe storms

UPDATE: The National Weather Service tweeted at 12:02 a.m. on May 28: "Currently there is no radar-confirmed or spotter-confirmed tornado activity. However, multiple storms remain capable of producing tornadoes. Do not let your guard down. There are still several dangerous storms moving through the area!"

Dayton, Ohio, and the communities surrounding are under a large tornado emergency as an extremely destructive tornado was reported in the area on Monday, May 27, night. The National Weather Service is calling the incident a life-threatening situation as the tornado swept through heavily-populated areas. The path of the twister even crossed directly over Interstate 75.

  reported that a forecaster from WYMT-TV was listening to the traffic scanner from the Dayton area reported that the rescue crews are "scrambling to mobilize" and "damage sounds catastrophic". There have also been reports of rescue crews going door-to-door looking for any residents who may be trapped.




 A weather radar close to the area indicated that debris was "lofted tens of thousands of feet" into the atmosphere. It also indicated that a strong and dangerous tornado was on the ground. Just less than 30 minutes after the large tornado tore through the Dayton metro area, one more tornado-producing thunderstorm was targeting the same areas.

A tornado warning will remain in effect until midnight EDT for northwestern Greene and eastern Montgomery counties in Ohio. Multiple other tornadoes were reported in the state on Monday night, including in Celina, where several trees and power lines were reportedly downed.


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