'Severance' Episode 4: Are Irving and Burt's connect romantic or a meeting of minds?

'Severance' Episode 4: Are Irving and Burt's connect romantic or a meeting of minds?
Christopher Walken as Burt, John Turturro as Irving in 'Severance' (Apple TV+)

Spoilers for 'Severance' Episode 4 'The You You Are'

Apple TV+ returned with a new episode of 'Severance' and this time the focus was on Helly (Britt Lower) who found a very drastic way to escape the workplace which was equivalent to hell for her making for a shocking end.

The fourth episode of the thriller also sees Mark (Adam Scott) reminisce and cry over his late wife after attending Petey's (Yul Vazquez) funeral. But while there are no close relations between the employees at Lumon Industries, this fact may change soon. So read on to know what happened in 'Severance' and why we think so.


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Episode 4 saw the Chief of the Optics and Design division Burt (Christopher Walken) pay a visit to the Macrodata Refinement division which leaves the employees in shock as it's not common for people from other divisions to come in contact with each other. Burt shows up with an invitation for everyone to come to visit their department. Dylan (Zach Cherry) responds with suspicion and hostility towards Burt while Mark is courteous and refuses politely, saying they'll take up the offer some other time. It's quite clear that the offer in reality is meant for Irving (John Turturro) who Burt once ran into. But Irving who is usually quiet work-minded in a surprising move immediately decides to go for the visit alone and informs Mark he'll be back later.

Christopher Walken as Burt, John Turturro as Irving in 'Severance' (Apple TV+)


We later see the two quite close as Irving enthusiastically takes in whatever Burt has to say and expresses pure delight. The two engage in talks that praise the values of Lumon Industries along with the founder and it is left for viewers to notice that they share similar thoughts and values. Irving also continually compliments the handbook artwork that the Optics and Design team came up with and that leaves Burt quite pleased. But what is confusing and intriguing about this blossoming relationship is the nature of it. Irving indicates that he likes Burt with his coy smiles while talking to him. Their friendship may purely be due to shared opinions but is that all? We don't think so, as Irving once again sneaks off to visit Burt alone. The potential for romance is quite solid with this budding bromance making for an enterprise worth being invested in.

What do you think about their relationship? Is it romantic or just a meeting of the minds? Let us know in the comments below!

'Severance' returns with a new episode each Friday on Apple TV+.

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