Seven-month-old girl mauled to death by foster family's dog after babysitter left her unattended on the couch

The dog was in a crate at the time baby was dropped off with the sitter. When the dog was let out it immediately made a run for the baby sitting on the couch and attacked her.

                            Seven-month-old girl mauled to death by foster family's dog after babysitter left her unattended on the couch

A mother has claimed that the foster care system failed her 7-month-old daughter Khloe Williams after she was killed by a dog in Clearwater. She has now hired an attorney to help her get answers as to why and how this happened. Speaking to News Channel 8’s Gabrielle Shirley, Shavon Grossman said she had seen Khloe during a supervised visit just an hour before the hound attacked her. However, she has too many unanswered questions about the incident. “I want answers and I want justice,” said Grossman. “I want someone held accountable because I do not want this to happen to another baby.” 

Grossman put her daughter in the foster care system in May owing to inadequate housing. “She was staying here with my family, with my sister, and my sister's kids that are all approved to have her while I worked out where me and her were going to live,” said Grossman. “The workers came and removed her from here because of no housing," referencing the home of her sister. 


Khloe was in the care of her foster father's mother at her house on Friday, according to the Clearwater Police Department. The dog in the house, a pit bull mix named Lynnie, bit her and was subsequently removed from the residence and transported to Pinellas County Animal Services, where she is under rabies quarantine for 10 days.

“At one o'clock, she was with me and she was smiling and she was happy,” Grossman recounts, “and, then, I get told that at 2 o'clock she was mauled by the dog.” The police report detailed the chain of events that led to little Khloe's death, People reports.

The dog was in a crate at the time Khloe was dropped off at the babysitter's home. The babysitter put Khloe in her car seat and placed her on the couch after the dog began barking and scratching so that she could let her out of the cage. As soon as the babysitter opened the crate, the dog ran past her and attacked the seven-month-old. The dog's mouth had to be pried open to get her off the infant. Khloe cried and whimpered in the ensuing minutes and eventually became unresponsive.


After Khloe was pronounced dead at Mease Countryside Hospital, Grossman asked, “Where were these people to stop this? Where? They didn't see this? They didn't hear my baby cry?” The devastated mother couldn't digest the fact that Khloe had bothered a dog when she hadn't even begun crawling yet. “Even if she could [crawl], where were these people to watch her with the dog? I mean, my nephew is one year old and we would never leave him around a dog unattended,” Grossman said. 

According to the attorney representing Grossman, he is prepared to push for criminal charges against the persons responsible depending on his findings as he works to fill in the blanks. “I lost my child for nothing,” said Grossman, “for negligence, for them doing nothing to make sure she was OK, nothing.” Both the Clearwater Police Department and the Department of Children and Families are conducting an investigation into the freak incident.