'Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement': Will Meliodas become new Demon King?

Season 4 of 'Seven Deadly Sins' saw Meliodas trying to become the new Demon King. Will he indeed become the Demon King or someone will stop him

                            'Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement': Will Meliodas become new Demon King?
Meliodas (Bryce Papenbrook) in 'The Seven Deadly Sins' (Netflix)

Season 4 of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ was undoubtedly one of the best anime shows last year and fans are eagerly waiting for the final season to arrive on Netflix. The previous season ended with Meliodas (Yuki Kaji) beginning the process of transforming into the Demon King. However, in the depths of Purgatory, his emotions have taken physical form and the real Meliodas is determined to fight his way back to his friends. Ban (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) is also down in Purgatory and looking for Meliodas.

Now, everyone is waiting to see if Meliodas will be the new demon king or not? We already know that Meliodas is the cursed son of Demon King. So, there’s a good chance that Meliodas will become the new demon king and will do anything to reunite with Elizabeth (Erika Harlacher) in the series.


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There are a lot of fans who want to see him becoming the Demon King, but we have to realize that Meliodas is the main protagonist on the show.

Therefore, the events that take place in the series revolve primarily from his perspective. If he accepts the new role of Demon King, then people won’t like him as much as they do now and it could really change everything for the show. Apart from being the protagonist, his powers also give a lot of hope to the citizens of Brittania. He is the only one that can defeat opponents like Zeldris, Chandler, and Estarossa by himself.

Meliodas kills Fraudrin in 'The Seven Deadly Sins' (Netflix)


It will be interesting to see how Netflix and makers decide to end the series. To make things exciting, they might take the alternative route and make him the Demon King because without obtaining the power of the Ten Commandments and realizing his father's dream, his beloved Elizabeth is destined to die three days or less after she recovers her memories.

Meliodas (Bryce Papenbrook) and Elizabeth (Erika Harlacher) in 'The Seven Deadly Sins' (Netflix)


Meanwhile, in the original manga series, he indeed becomes the new Demon King for a while and he freed him and Elizabeth from all the curses. However, he would have to leave the living world because of his powers as the Demon King. But the victory is short-lived as the Demon King possesses Zeldris and restores Elizabeth’s curse.

A fight breaks out between the Seven Sins and the Demon King. Meliodas kills his father and sacrifices his Demon King powers to completely destroy the commandments. The reason for annihilating the commandments was taken because the Demon King would never die if the commandments are alive. By killing all the commandments, they prevented the Demon King from reviving.

'The Seven Deadly Sins' (Netflix)


In the series epilogue, Melodias married Elizabeth and become the rulers of Liones with Tristan as their son.

Well, the happy ending would be an amazing thing to see but Netflix is known to give twists to everything. So, let’s see how things pan out for Meliodas and the entire gang.

‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement’ premieres on Netflix on Monday, June 28.