Serial rapist falls 100ft off cliff to evade cops who were chasing him for raping woman while out on parole

Serial rapist falls 100ft off cliff to evade cops who were chasing him for raping woman while out on parole
(Greece Police)

A serial rapist, infamously known as the 'Beast of Kavos,' reportedly broke his back when he plunged 100ft into a ravine while fleeing police officials. The convict, 47-year-old Dimitris Aspiotis, who previously sexually assaulted six British holidaymakers, fractured his leg, hip, spine, and ruptured a kidney on May 22, Friday, as he fell from a cliff in Lefkimmi, Greece.

Shortly after the fall, Aspiotis was arrested by officers as they launched a three-hour operation to remove him from the secluded spot on a stretcher. Authorities had launched a manhunt for the 47-year-old in the island of Corfu earlier this month after he was linked to the rape of an Albanian woman. The survivor claimed that she was dragged into a forest in the region and was repeatedly raped at knifepoint. 

The serial rapist, who had breached his parole conditions, was under police watch on May 23, Saturday night, in Corfu Town. He reportedly faces an immediate return to prison, according to the Sun.

Aspiotis was granted an early prison release last year in August after he served only seven years of his lengthy 52-year prison sentence due to changes in the law. He had been sentenced for six counts of rape linked to six female victims. One of his victims, 32-year-old Kayleigh Morgan from the UK, had waived her right to anonymity in 2019 in an effort to denounced the Greek government's decision to release him and spread awareness. "'I want to know why he's out. I don't believe he's changed," Morgan, a stewardess from Lincolnshire, in September, had said.

"A person like that can never change and now I'm in the face terrified he'll do what he did to me again to more victims," she added. "When I heard he was out I was in complete shock. I burst into tears and felt sick to my stomach and disgusted."

Morgan was sexually assaulted by Aspiotis when she was working as a holiday rep in 2010 in Corfu. After she gave evidence against Aspiotis in a trial, she was asked by a judge to put the incident behind her and enjoy her life. She was walking along the beach on an afternoon when Aspiotis came out of nowhere and punched her in the face, before dragging her by her hair into the woods. He reportedly raped her five times at knifepoint. 

Months after his release, authorities said that they found another victim, an Albanian woman, earlier this month in a hut. She was found in a hut two days after her partner reported her missing. The woman's girlfriend told police that they had met Aspiotis the night before her disappearance. 

It is believed that the convicted rapist, before he was arrested in 2012, had preyed on over 100 women visiting the island. Aspiotis was released from prison last year, without any prior warnings given to his victims, and was allowed to live again in Kavos, Corfu. Authorities had earlier reportedly claimed that Aspiotis would not be released from jail before he turned 92.

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