'She's awesome': WWE wants Serena Williams to become the latest high-profile wrestler to step into the ring

Following the huge success of Ronda Rousey in the WWE ring, bringing in Serena Williams will certainly raise the bars for the competition

                            'She's awesome': WWE wants Serena Williams to become the latest high-profile wrestler to step into the ring

After acing the tennis court, Serena Williams might just be welcomed to try her hand into something completely different from her field.

It's been reported that the the Chief Brand Officer of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE),  Stephanie McMahon, would love to see Williams get into the ring for a match. Known for her trademark aggression on the court and her power-packed matches, the 37-year-old's name has been suggested following the success in the ring of another athlete, judo wrestler Ronda Rousey, who has already earned the title of the WWE Raw Women's Championship. 

Speaking to News.co.au, McMahon exclaimed, "Serena! I want Serena. She’s awesome." As the daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon, the 42-year-old is probably trying to elevate the presence of celebrities athletes in the wrestling world, as Rousey's success inside the ring within just five months of her entry has given the entertainment spectacle a muc needed boost.

McMahon's wish to take Williams onboard also comes at the time when she has been spearheading the organization's first major event to feature female competitors, exclusively, the WWE Evolution. McMahon had said, "Women's equality is important and necessary whether it's business or sport. This show is a direct result from fans demanding more from WWE and how we represent our women."

While bringing Williams into the ring is still a probability of the future, McMahon revealed the effort that was made to put the event forward. She explained, "We started training our woman the same as the men and hired our first-ever female coach. They started giving our woman the same match time and opportunity at live events, which like anything else, the more reps you do the better you become. So everyone had an even playing field and it made all the difference.” She further stated that it was the women who stole the show when the audience started chanting, "this is wrestling", "and that’s what really gave rise to the ‘give women a chance’ movement." 


While Williams clearly is a brilliant and inspired choice for the project, it might be difficult to bring her in anytime soon since reportedly the 37-year-old, who returned on the field earlier this year following the birth of her first child last year, would like to have another child. According to 1999 Wimbledon winner Lindsay Davenport, "I think she admits herself it's been even more difficult than she thought it would be. She is doing her best, there's no doubt about it. It'll be interesting to see what her motivation is like in 2019 because you're getting pulled in so many different directions. She's talked openly about wanting to have more kids."