Serena Williams strips naked as she sings 'I Touch Myself' to raise breast cancer awareness

Serena Williams, 36, admitted that she plans to use her platform to raise awareness about breast cancer

                            Serena Williams strips naked as she sings 'I Touch Myself' to raise breast cancer awareness

Tennis champion Serena Williams recently sang a heartwarming rendition of Divinyls' classic song 'I Touch Myself' as part of a breast cancer awareness campaign. A week after she was embroiled in controversy over her US Open meltdown, the 36-year-old now plans to use her platform to raise cancer awareness, reports the Daily Mail.

Serena was recently interviewed by Lisa Wilkinson in New York on Sunday night's episode of 'The Project' where a preview of Serena singing 'I Touch Myself' was also aired.

"It's putting myself in a very vulnerable moment, but just to make a huge statement I think is really important," she said. The preview clip also showed the sports icon baring her shoulders and wearing some shimmery, glamorous makeup.

Lisa Wilkinson, who interviewed the sports star in New York, was all praises for the soon-to-be-released commercial. "When you see that ad in full, let me tell you, Serena Williams can sing like an angel," said Lisa. "Well (Serena is) actually naked in it as well so watch out for that."


During the course of the same interview, Serena admitted that she isn't much of a singer, and also spoke about the influence of Chrissy and the iconic Australian song on the important issue of breast cancer awareness. "Unfortunately, we lost Chrissy to breast cancer, but the 'I Touch Myself' song was to let everyone know that it's important to touch yourself and check up on yourself," Serena said.

As the interview went on, Lisa also revealed that she was warned prior to the meeting that Serena would definitely walk out of the interview if the controversial cartoon of the sportswoman drawn by Australian artist Mark Knight was brought up at any point of time.