Murderer of Serena and Venus Williams' sister is re-arrested for parole violation

The man who killed Serena and Venus Williams' sister was freed from jail and then apparently re-arrested.

                            Murderer of Serena and Venus Williams' sister is re-arrested for parole violation
Serena Williams (Source:Getty Images)

The man who murdered Serena and Venus Williams' younger sister Yetunde Price, in the year 2003, was released from prison earlier this year, after having spent more than a decade behind bars. 

It was, however, reported that the accused, who was identified as a former Southside Crips member - Robert Edwards Maxfield - was arrested again in Compton, California, this Friday. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's officials and jail records, Maxfield allegedly violated his parole. The nature of the alleged violation was unclear.

A spokesman with state's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, who had confirmed the release of the Maxfield in Price's case, didn't confirm if the guy who was arrested in Compton, was, in fact, Maxfield.


Yetunde Price and Serena Williams (Source: Getty Images) 

It is reported that the men, in both the cases, share identical biological information including name, age, and race. It is also known that Yetunde Price was killed in Compton. According to People, DOC spokesman Luis Patiño said that someone who violates their parole has to go back to a judge and can possibly have their parole revoked and be sent back to jail. 

The Maxfield involved in Price's murder pleaded no contest in the year 2006 to voluntary manslaughter in Price's death just after midnight in the year 2013 as Associated Press had initially reported. Maxfield was charged with murder but accepted the lesser count on his third trial following two mistrials. He was sentenced in April 2006 to 15 years in prison.

According to Patino, Maxfield served around three years in jail between his arrest and sentencing and was then placed in prison where served another 12 years before his March parole. 

At the time of her death, Price was a mother-of-three, a nurse, and also the owner of an LA-area hair salon. She also worked as a personal assistant to her sisters Serena and Venus. The Williams' sisters have not commented on Maxfield's release though Serena did reportedly face him in court in the year 2006. At the time, she said that she initially was not "going to speak … because it’s too hard for me to talk."

On the night that Yetunde died, she was the passenger in the SUV of her boyfriend Rolland Wormley when she was tragically shot in the back of her head. The unfortunate incident struck when they drove through Compton near a suspected Southside Crips gang drug house. She was shot when Maxfield who is a reputed Southside Crips gang member fired a dozen rounds from an Ak-47 rifle. 

The cops revealed that the intended target was Yetunde's boyfriend who escaped with no injuries. At the time of the shooting, Wormley was believed to be a member of another gang known as the Mac Mafia Crips and was on parole after convictions for drug dealing and gun offenses.

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