Senator Bernie Sanders says 'Cardi B is right' about her views on social security

The senator tweeted in support of Cardi and her views on social security in America. The rapper was beyond thrilled to have received his support.

                            Senator Bernie Sanders says 'Cardi B is right' about her views on social security
Bernie Sanders (L) and Cardi B (R) (Source: Getty Images)

Senator Bernie Sanders sure does know how to make a point and he did it yet again as he tweeted his support towards Cardi B and her views on social security. Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (April 18), Sanders tweeted, "Cardi B is right. If we are really going to make America great we need to strengthen Social Security so that seniors are able to retire with the dignity they deserve."

Looking at this it seems like Sanders is in touch with everything that is happening around the world and sure knows how to tap people's interest as he sure did get the attention of all her fans. Sanders even posted a video on Twitter in which he thanked the rapper for calling attention to the importance of social security. In the video, Sanders can be seen saying: "Cardi B is right. We have got to protect social security for all generation."

This comes after Cardi put forward her thoughts on social security in an interview with GQ. During the interview, Cardi confessed that she loves political science and learning about how the government works. She added that she admires Franklin Delano Roosevelt because of his policies. 

She recalled that his actions helped get over the Depression and how he established the Social Security system. "He’s the real ‘make America great again," she said in the interview. She also told the magazine that there was a time when she was able to name all the presidents in order. 

She also stated a couple of facts about James Buchanan proving to people that she is really a big fan of politics and they might have to think twice before talking to her about politics. In fact, Sanders's message did not go unnoticed by her as she was quick to respond to it. Taking a screenshot of Sanders's message, Cardi posted that picture on her Instagram with the caption, "Oooooommmmmmggggg BERNIE SANDERS!!!"

This is not the first time that the rapper has talked politics. She had previously spoken about the slave trade in Libya and questioned where her tax money was going. Keeping in mind that Sanders is someone who is famous among the young crowd, they both seem to be a perfect blend of politics and music.