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'Selling The OC': Who is Gio Helou? Meet one of the first realtors to be asked to join Newport Beach brokerage

Gio Helou identifies as the 'top dog' of the Oppenheim Group
 Gio Helou doesn't want people to 'f**k with him' (Instagram/giovannehelou)
Gio Helou doesn't want people to 'f**k with him' (Instagram/giovannehelou)

ORANGE CITY, CALIFORNIA: 'Selling The OC,' a spin-off series of 'Selling Sunset,' is set to premiere on Netflix. The reality show will introduce viewers to 11 Oppenheim Group agents, one of which is Gio Helou, who was one of the first people requested to join the Newport Beach agency.

With 11 more Oppenheim Group agents slated to feature in the 'Selling Sunset' spin-off, here's what intrigued viewers should know about Gio Helou from Netflix's 'Selling The OC.' 'Selling The OC,' which focuses on Brett and Jason Oppenheim's Newport Beach business, was revealed soon before the first season of 'Selling Tampa,' which debuted last December. Following the 'Selling Sunset' Season 5 reunion, viewers finally got their first peek at the forthcoming episode after months of anticipation. Gio could be seen briefly in Netflix's two-minute trailer as one of four male realtors joining 'Selling The OC.'


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Who is Gio Helou?

Gio was one of the first people asked to join The Oppenheim Group in Newport Beach, according to his bio on The Oppenheim Group website. Gio worked as a film producer before selling beachfront homes in Southern California, and in his leisure time he enjoys checking out fast vehicles and motorcycles. Before Gio makes his reality television debut this year, here's everything else fans of 'Selling The OC' should know about him.

Gio Helou was born on March 20, 1988, and is 34 years old. Gio is born at the astrological juncture of Aries and Pisces. Since Pisces are perceptive and sensitive, and Aries are independent and ambitious, these attributes might be beneficial for a competent realtor. According to Gio's LinkedIn, the 28-year-old 'Selling The OC' star began working in the premium real estate industry in 2016 and will join the Oppenheim Group in February 2021.

Those who want to keep up with Gio can follow him on Instagram at @giovannehelou. Despite the fact that the Oppenheim Group agent has over 4,000 followers as of August 2022, there is little question that this figure will continue to climb when 'Selling The OC' premieres on August 24. Gio routinely updates his Instagram followers with photographs of his personal life, including days out with pals and his collection of sleek automobiles, in addition to showing off The Oppenheim Group's opulent properties.

Gio, like several other Oppenheim Group agents, is married; as per Tiffany's Instagram, the Helous wedded in August 2020. The pair regularly likes to travel, with the couple recently enjoying a holiday at the Chileno Bay Resort & Residences in Mexico. Gio is someone to watch now that 'Selling The OC' is on Netflix, between drinking cocktails in Laguna Beach, hanging out with fellow agents in Newport Beach, and selling houses around Southern California.


While the majority of the trailer's scenes focused on the female cast members and their future drama, viewers of the show could see Gio working at his Oppenheim Group desk before something surprising occurs at the back of the room. Another brief moment in the 'Selling The OC' video shows Gio shaking hands with an unidentified individual before proclaiming, "I really just wanna show everyone that this is the level that I play in...and to not f*** with me."

To learn more about the drama, watch the first season of 'Selling The OC' on Netflix.