'Selling Sunset' Season 3: Fired or resigned? Why did Brett Oppenheim stop working with twin brother Jason?

Christine Quinn indirectly revealed the reason why Brett may have left The Oppenheim Group

                            'Selling Sunset' Season 3: Fired or resigned? Why did Brett Oppenheim stop working with twin brother Jason?
Jason and Brett Oppenheim (Getty Images)

'Selling Sunset' is headlined by a group of skilled realtors who report to founder Jason Oppenheim and his twin brother Brett. While both offer their two cents on matters of brokerage but it's Jason who is seen calling the shots. But that has not, in the two seasons that the show has aired, caused any animosity between the siblings. They seem to be working in perfect harmony.

However, Christine Quinn seems to have changed the popular opinion that the brothers have been working in peace. "There's been a division going on. It's kind of something that's been happening for a while, and people are just trying to figure out where the chess pieces are going right now. Let the games begin," she told ET Online.

Brett has taken the exit door and established his own firm — Oppenheim Real Estate. His name has been removed from The Oppenheim Group's official website. That the brothers have gone separate ways is evident now but will we witness the reason behind it in 'Selling Sunset' Season 3? If yes, then it's going to be one dramatic edition of the show because this will open up the personal lives of the brothers and sort of put them on edge, much like how Chrishell Stause's is going to be. She is not particularly enthusiastic about 'Selling Sunset' Season 3 but shared an edited version of the trailer for this season. Her divorce with Justin Hartley will be aired although there's limited information on how the storyline is going to pan out. But, will this cause her to leave the show? Unlikely as of now. 

But Christine is planning to back out. Talking to Metro.co.uk, she said how hard it was working for a man and how filming for the show has really impacted her work relationships. "Right now I do like being a part of [the] family, I really, really do. I like having that dynamic but it needs to have a little bit of healing, and mend itself first. If I ever saw myself leaving, it would be to work with only women," the publication quoted her as saying. 

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