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'Self-Made Mansions': Who is Joshua Esnard? Here's how 'The Cut Buddy' creator sold 500,000 pieces worldwide

Meet the creator behind 'The Cut Buddy', the product that went viral on YouTube and was featured on 'Shark Tank' as Joshua Esnard searches for a new home to celebrate his good fortune
Joshua Esnard (Instagram/the cut buddy)
Joshua Esnard (Instagram/the cut buddy)

Styling hair isn't always easy, especially if you have kinky hair, the type that needs protective hairstyles or exceptionally curly and thick hair. For that, you've to be ready to put in the maintenance and the hard work, it's rarely a "wash and go" kind of scenario. Maintaining such hair can very often also prove to be quite an expensive affair, especially for men, seeing that they aren't left with much of an option other than visiting the barbershop for a cut and a groom.

However, in unprecedented situations like the Covid-19 pandemic or even in a situation where spending money isn't an option, styling and groom suddenly becomes a luxury, when it is definitely a necessity. Enter Joshua Esnard, a man who saw a clear problem and decided it needed a solution.


Esnard introduced the world to The Cut Buddy, a hair and beard-cutting and grooming template that allows its user to self-groom and guarantees a clean line throughout. Ever since it hit the market, the product was an instant hit and has allowed people globally to groom themselves correctly, all while on a budget. To know more about the man behind this invention, keep reading!

Esnard designed the first prototype at age 13

As a young kid, going to the barber wasn't quite an option for Esnard, seeing that it was both far and expensive. Having gotten tired of his uneven haircuts, he knew he needed a solution to be able to groom himself better and more effectively. And thus, the first prototype of The Cut Buddy was born. He then spent the next 15 years perfecting the design, so that it could be used by anyone and everyone. 

He got his big break on YouTube and 'Shark Tank'

Esnard knew he had a product that had the potential to become big — there were many people in the same situation that he was when he created The Cut Buddy. He went on to patent the design in 2015 and launched it on a YouTube campaign in 2016, which immediately went viral. He ended up selling 4,000 pieces in just one hour — PayPal even froze his account based on fraudulent activity, seeing that there was such a massive cash flow.

A year later, he was on Season 9 of 'Shark Tank', where he made a pitch for $300,000 for 10%. The sharks recognized the potential of the product and Daymond John made him an offer of $300,000, which proved to be a great deal, seeing that Esnard's product is still thriving. 

He has sold 500,000 pieces worldwide 

According to The Cut Buddy's website, the mission of the product is simple: "Give ANY person the power to feel more confident and pride in how they look on a daily basis."

This definitely seems to have resonated with customers, seeing that as of the end of 2019, over 500,000 pieces of the product have been sold worldwide. The brand has also partnered with Andis Co Inc, a manufacturer of electric clippers and other professional styling tools, which has allowed Esnard to branch out and create entire grooming kits.

With Esnard's grooming empire expanding, he has come a far way from being a kid who had to give himself haircuts. He is now on the lookout for a new home, where he can enjoy his hard-earned success. Enter Clinton Kelly, the award-winning host of 'Chew' and 'What Not To Wear'. In this episode of 'Self-Made Mansions', Kelly helps Esnard pick out a brand new home.

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