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Is Travis Scott on Selena Gomez's 'Souvenir' remix? Fans aren't buying it, say he 'will ruin the song'

While it remains a rumor as of now, the potential collab has divided fans
Selena Gomez and Travis Scott (Getty Images)
Selena Gomez and Travis Scott (Getty Images)

Selena Gomez is about to drop a remix of her track 'Souvenir' but rumor has it that it features Travis Scott and fans are having mixed reactions to the news. While some believe the song should remain untouched, others cannot wait for the remix to drop.

Gomez's fans have been treated a whole host of quality content in recent times, which has gone beyond just her music and into the realm of things like veganism, her new cruelty-free beauty brand as well as a mini 'Wizards of Waverly Place' reunion featuring David Henrie. As one fan pointed out, "The way Selenators are winning this month." Fans were soon sharing their excitement at the potential collaboration. "Well that will be interesting," stated one fan and another said, "The serve it would be."



But in addition to the excitement for the single, fans couldn't help but wonder how much bigger the release could be if Gomez elected to promote it more. "Imagine the collapse if she made this a single," mused one fan.



Not everyone is on board with the news, however, largely because many do not believe it to be true and soon, users were demanding to know who the alleged 'insider' and therefore 'source' of the rumor was. "Literally no one said that," declared one Twitter user, while another asked, "Can this rumor be real omg." One fan noted, however, that Gomez herself may have already answered that question. "But Selena said in Animal Talking interview that her head is not around Rare era anymore because she already started working on SG3???" tweeted one fan, adding, "Her words to this rumor... Hmm I don’t think she’ll release another single from Rare."




Others had a different issue with the potential song's drop: its featuring artist. "Stop. If anyone, it's The Weeknd. Travis will RUIN the song," said one evidently displeased fan, while another stated, "Hold on can we not do it with Souvenir? The song is just too good I’m afraid he’s gonna ruin it. Make a new song how about that." And one fan stated, "This is embarrassing for him."




But another fan shared, "Good because then the locals will listen," before adding, "but the song is perfect without a feature so like...feeling: conflicted."


Users across social media couldn't help but notice, however, that recent updates pertaining to Gomez's upcoming projects seem to line up with a lot of Ariana Grande's alleged plans perfectly. "Why Selena stealin all of Ariana's rumored features," asked one Twitter user, while another declared, "It’s fake Ariana x Travis is coming," and one said, "Is false. Selpink is coming." They are all, of course, referring to the rumored collaboration between Blackpink and Grande, which more recently shifted to being a rumor of a collaboration between the group and Gomez instead. None of these reports have been confirmed or denied, however, meaning the truth behind who the featuring artist on Blackpink's upcoming single is anyone's guess.