Selena Gomez and BFF Theresa Marie Mingus discuss 5-year-long friendship in new video

The two asked each other about how they helped each other grow, and in many ways, they have both opened up to each other as two best friends should

                            Selena Gomez and BFF Theresa Marie Mingus discuss 5-year-long friendship in new video
Selena Gomez (Source : Getty Images)

Selena Gomez cannot seem to get enough of her best friend from the past five years, Theresa Marie Mingus, and on Monday, the two sat down to talk about how they have helped each other grow over the years. This is also not the first time the 'Bad Liar' singer has gushed about her best friend over social media since she has been doing so for quite some time. 

In the new post, the two are seen sitting across from each other and discussing how their five-year-long friendship has helped them develop themselves. Gomez can be heard saying, "I have known you for five years. So, do you think working with me helped you kind of break down walls, and just start talking to people."

Mingus immediately replied, "One hundred percent. I feel like I have always been a talker, and definitely very social...I like to make people feel welcome, I like to make people feel warm, and I feel like that has helped me build relationships with people and sort of make me connected in a way." 

Gomez then takes the turn to explain how working with Mingus has helped her understand "not to take life too seriously." She said, "I have grown up in very difficult situations so I felt like we bonded on that."

Only a day ago, Gomez put up another post about Mingus where she wrote, "I met Theresa 5 years ago. We worked together and became best friends. She has taught me how to see life in a fun, carefree and uplifting way. She has shown me how to be a strong and fearless woman. She is beautiful, kind and smart. I saw how capable she was of achieving her dreams. I wanted nothing more than to see her pursue them and soar. "

The two also attended Coachella together, as Gomez also left a record of it on her Instagram account. Considering Mingus' Instagram account, it seems the two besties are working on something.

In one of her stories, with a blurred out face, Mingus said, "Did you really think I was gonna make it that easy? On May 2 everything will be revealed." In the very next story, she linked Gomez's post and said part 2 will be coming soon on her Instagram stories.

However, as of now, Mingus has posted an entire video with Gomez in which she has opened up about herself. She captioned the video: "I want to share these videos with you so you can get a glimpse of who I really am!⁣"