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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Will Faith be Tosha and Sidian Jones' sister wife? Here’s how they met the bartender

The couple who've been looking for a new sister wife might have just found a potential match
Tosha and Sidian Jones in ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ (TLC)
Tosha and Sidian Jones in ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ (TLC)

Getting back into the dating game is never easy. There is always a chance of lucking out or ending up in a bad relationship. But either way, it never hurts to try, sometimes, it's all about a leap of faith. And looks like Sidian and his wife Tosha Jones did just that, while looking for a person to court in the latest episode of 'Seeking Sister Wife'

The pair, who have been looking for a new wife to join their plural family has made it known that they're keen on meeting people through their own circles and by just generally talking to more people about it, as opposed to finding a match online.

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In the previous episode, Tosha sat down with her mother, Teresa , to discuss the changes in her life and how Sidian and she were looking for a sister wife. Tosha's mother was visibly concerned because to two reasons -- she was worried her daughter had joined a cult and was concerned about the fact that the couple might get entangled with the wrong people, especially if they were looking for a match on the Internet.

Tosha assured her that for them, polygamy had nothing to do with religion and that Sidian and she followed a more updated version. Whereas when it came to them dating, the pair were not keen on finding someone online and would much rather go out and meet someone in person.


Looks like this episode sees the couple do just that, seeing that both Tosha and Sidian hit up a bar. While out, a bartender caught the eye of the couple and the two soon began to discuss if they should ask her out.

Sidian seems a bit nervous but decides to go ahead with it nonetheless. "I think that alternative relationships have come a long way in the public eye," he explains to producers. "But at the same time, I do still get a little bit nervous when I have to drop the bomb about being a polygamist," he concludes, "And point out your wife over there," Tosha interjected. But he also explained that he's learned to have fun with it.

The bartender in question, Faith, sat down with the pair, as they explained that they happened to be polygamists. "I think it works for some people and that's really awesome" is what she had to say about polygamy in general. "I know some people might have weird stigmas to it..." she added when Sidian asked her about her opinion.

Faith was definitely taken a little off guard when the couple asked her if she would be open to exploring that or maybe even going on a date with Sidian or the two of them.

But she handled the situation rather well and even gave the couple her number, keeping an open mind to the possibility. Looks like Sidian and Tosha are all ready to court Faith, depending on how this date plays out.

Catch all new episodes of 'Seeking Sister Wife' on Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on TLC and Discovery+.