'See' Episode 6 Review: Betrayal and Kane take center stage as the series gets bloodier and more gripping with each chapter

'See' Episode 6 Review: Betrayal and Kane take center stage as the series gets bloodier and more gripping with each chapter

This review contains spoilers for Episode 6 'Silk'

'See' gets bloodier, bold, gripping and mysterious with each episode and while it's at it, the dystopian drama also manages to weave in the element of relationship quite seamlessly.

If it was a shocking revelation in Episode 5 that saw Maghra (Hera Hilmar) reveal herself as the Princess, in Episode Six, 'Silk' delves into her background as Queen Kane's (Sylvia Hoeks) sister. 

Meanwhile, Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) is at a loss when he finds out about his wife's captivity and sets off on a rampage to rescue her.

Boots (Franz Drameh), the twins' half-brother, abandoned by the tribe and living on his own and now included in their tribe, says Maghra was killed at the hands of Tamcti Jun and his men.

However, trusting him is revealed to be a mistake as he locks them up in a cave and it is upto Voss to manage to find their way out again. For Kane, things get bloodier and grimmer as she is subject to some bloody punchwork and truncheoning at the silk factory.

Her cockiness is cut down to size. Eventually, Voss and the family make their way out of the cave, but not before being subject to adversaries.

The final minutes see Boots reunite with Maghra who promises to help her keep the family safe and offers help to her by assuring her he'll make her strong — like the queen she was always meant to be.

In the meantime, Kane's captors send Maghra and the Witchfinder a message about her captivity demanding ransom.

As proof, her amulet that's buried just above the heart serving as proof of power is cut out and sent to them to show the threat was authentic.

Boots claims to know the captors and believes that a traitor in the Witchfinder's camp was keeping a hawk's eye on their every move. 'Silk' sheds light on betrayal and at this stage of the series, trust becomes an important factor.

Kane's fate is uncertain and Voss barely makes it out of the cave alive. Compared to 'Plastic', there isn't much of a twist in the sixth episode. However, the stirring storyline still makes for a compelling watch. 'See' Episode 7 will be available for streaming on December 1.


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