Secret Service agents told to be nonpartisan at Joe Biden swearing-in, Internet asks 'isn’t it in the contract?'

'As members of the Secret Service, each of us is expected to remain civil and professional at all times,' Secret Service director James Murray wrote in a memo

                            Secret Service agents told to be nonpartisan at Joe Biden swearing-in, Internet asks 'isn’t it in the contract?'
A member of the Secret Service monitors activity as President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks at the Queen Theater on December 28, 2020, in Wilmington, Delaware (Getty Images)

Secret Service director James Murray reminded all the employees in an agency-wide memo on Wednesday, January 13, that they are to remain professional and act in a nonpartisan manner as President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration for January 20 nears. 

"There has been a great deal of hyper-charged rhetoric associated with the presidential transition, particularly on social media sites. As members of the Secret Service, each of us is expected to remain civil and professional at all times," Murray wrote in the memo, reviewed by CNN. "When carrying out our duties and representing the agency, we are expected to behave in a nonpartisan manner."

The memo was sent out after Secret Service officially took charge of security for Biden's swearing-in ceremony. The Department of Homeland Security extended the duration of the National Special Security Event in the wake of the Capitol building being stormed by a pro-Trump mob last week.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency events may be designated National Special Security Events when they warrant "the full protection, incident management and counterterrorism capabilities of the federal government."

"This straightforward adjustment is in response to the heightened security environment in the wake of the breach of the US Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, and will simply provide additional time for the full resources of all participating agencies to be employed," Murray wrote.

Secret Service swarms around Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump after a bottle was thrown on stage at a Campaign Rally on March 12, 2016, in Vandalia, Ohio (Getty Images)

The Department of Homeland Security's second in command, Ken Cuccinelli, told CNN that while there were always concerns about "problem players" who might show up at the inauguration, he was certain that the Secret Service was capable enough to secure the inauguration.

"There's always problem players that talk before an inauguration, and there are always some that show up," Cuccinelli, said when asked about threats to the event. He also added that the secret Service is "thoroughly prepared to contend with" the possibility of a bigger security problem than the events of January 6. 

Murray told Secret Service employees they were to "remain above the fray" as they carry out their "zero-fail mission". "Our mission remains clear and our focus must be sharp as we execute the Presidential Inauguration operational security plan many of us have worked hard to develop and even more of our people will directly support over the next week."

"I have tremendous faith and confidence that the women and men of the Secret Service will continue to perform at the highest level, ensuring a safe and secure inauguration and a peaceful transition of power," Murray said.

People on social media were surprised at the fact that the Secret service had to be reminded of the oath they took before they began serving the country. Don Winslow, Internation best-selling author of 'The Cartel', 'The Force' and 'The Border' wrote, "BREAKING! Don Winslow reminds firemen to always bring water when fighting a fire. Holy sh*t. I can't believe the Director of the Secret Service has to tell his agents to HONOR THEIR OATH, PROTECT THE PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT AND THEIR FAMILIES and DO THEIR JOB?!"

Others soon chimed in. "They need to remind them of that?" one of them asked while another wrote, "Sad he has to do this!" A user remarked, "Good, but a shame it needs to be said." One more said, "Well this is frightening." The next quipped, "It's like a frikken Tom Clancy novel..." Another commented, "It's so sad that this even needs to be said. Time for a new Secret Service director and an overhaul of the entire training program. This is sickening."














A commenter tweeted, "Isn’t it in the contract?" Another remarked, "Does anyone trust them? I don’t." One more reacted with, "JFC. The honor and heroism of these positions was rooted in the fact that they could set that all aside. We are in big trouble."






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