'Search Party' Season 3 Ending Explained: Dory is free from the law, but will her stalker let her rest?

In its darkest installment yet, 'Search Party' set a new precedent by delivering 8 episodes that meticulously unravel the mystery of a murder - for the benefit of the murderers

                            'Search Party' Season 3 Ending Explained: Dory is free from the law, but will her stalker let her rest?
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Spoilers for 'Search Party' Season 3

What a season! A conclusion like this has undoubtedly left audiences wanting more of this (messed up) show. 

Season 3 of 'Search Party' deals with the aftermath of Keith Powell's (Ron Livingston) murder. Dory Sief (Alia Shawkat) and Drew Gardener (John Reynolds) are on trial for the death of the private investigator and needless to say, are keen to prove themselves innocent. In its darkest installment yet, 'Search Party' set new precedents for itself by delivering eight episodes that meticulously unravel the mystery of murder - for the benefit of the murderers. 

It is often believed that a defendant's case is only as strong as his/ her lawyers' belief or indifference in them. If the lawyer, however, believes that the defendant is guilty or has even the slightest of doubts, then the prosecution has won. Perhaps for this very reason, Dory fires her lawyer Cassidy Diamond, (Shalita Grant) and decides to defend herself. She ends up delivering quite the world-class performance as a poor girl who has no clue how she and her boyfriend got embroiled in these unfortunate circumstances - walking away free. 

Once Dory returns home, she is relieved but it is hinted that the ghosts of her bloody past continue to haunt her. Just as she is sitting on the couch, she is knocked unconscious by a certain someone - her stalker - who just swoops in out of nowhere. It is then revealed that he is the same man - played by Cole Escola - who attacked Portia Davenport (Meredith Hagner) at Elliott Goss's (John Early) wedding following her testimony against Dory.

Like most controversial killers who become the media's obsession, Dory too gets a stalker. This man had gotten his knuckles tattooed with her name. And has practically made a shrine out of newspaper clippings and pictures of his "idol" Dory. It should also be assumed that he was not among the crew members for the wedding arrangements and was only there to carry out his plan. 

Dory's bodyguard may have chased him down, but in the process, a car hits the stalker, rendering him unconscious.

Now here's the thing. Just after that accident when Dory and Portia reconciled their friendship, Drew received a phone call from the hospital that said the man they brought in had succumbed to his injuries. It is possible that he made them say it or he made that phone call himself.

At the same time, somewhere far away, Julian Marcus (Brandon Micheal Hall) might have finally realized what exactly happened to his phone and if Dory might be involved in that at all. 

Still from 'Search Party'

She was, obviously. When Dory killed April by pushing her off the ferry, Julian's phone was also lost there in the Hudson River. He comes to this realization as he sits in a bar in a foreign country (possibly Portuguese since he speaks to the bartender in a broken, poor attempt) after raking in $750,000 from Mary Ferguson. 

So now at the end of Season 3, Dory is attacked by her stalker. Drew has severed ties with her - as was evident following their acquittal. And Elliott now has a new show on a channel.

Did Portia get over her Christianity phase though? 

In the final scenes of Season 3, Dory is wearing a white vest, a buzz cut and is shown chained to multiple chains in a dark, dingy room. She is placed right in front of a camera and asks someone - presumably the stalker for some water. Interestingly, we catch a glimpse of Dory looking like this early on in the season but the dots are joined in the finale. 

'Search Party' Season 3 is currently streaming on HBO Max. 

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