Sean Penn slams Donald Trump, backs young voters to vote him out of office in 2020

Actor Sean Penn got candid while at a Los Angeles event and said that there is not a chance in hell that Trump will be elected given the surge of young voters.

                            Sean Penn slams Donald Trump, backs young voters to vote him out of office in 2020

Actor Sean Penn has slammed POTUS Donald Trump and said that his chances of being re-elected will be affected by the rise in the numbers of young people voting. 

According to Hollywood Reporter, the 'Mystic River and Milk' actor and Oscar winner had reportedly made the comments over the weekend while attending an event in Los Angeles. Penn got candid at the event while on stage as he was having a conversation with actor Nick Offerman.  Penn had shared that, "I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that Donald Trump is going to win the presidency next time and that’s because I’m getting a sense that it’s going be an exponential jump in young people who are going to say, ‘No thanks'."

Actor Sean Penn got candid on Trump and said that there wasn't 'a chance in hell' that he would be re-elected (Getty Images)

He had also added that the events which lead up to the 2016 presidential election had inspired him to want to pursue a literary career. Penn shared with Offerman that leading up to the 2016 election, he felt he was going to kill himself if he didn’t find a way out of just focusing on what was happening.

Penn revealed that he decided to express of all his thoughts and emotions in ways that would keep him giggling and laughing through "one of the ugliest periods of conscious participation the country has ever had."  At the event, Offerman had reportedly revealed that the new novel series also cites Fox News host Laura Ingraham by name. He too spoke about Trump's election. Penn has previously slammed Trump's election in the past. In 2018, Penn called out Trump and branded him as an "enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and every new child born. An enemy of mankind…. an enemy of the state." 

Penn's latest novel is likely to be released this week and is a follow-up of his 2018 book. The earlier book which was a Trump-inspired satire was titled 'Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff' was slammed by critics. On Saturday, the actor had addressed the negative reviews of his book and had said that the negativity had encouraged him to try another novel. 

"All of these pig-s**t, a****le, envious [critics] who wrote their own autobiography in the criticism of what I did, and reading between the lines, it was the greatest affirmation of anything I’ve ever done," Penn shared. "Definitely, definitely once I read those things I said, ‘I’m writing another one."