‘SEAL Team’ Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers: How did Ray end up on a ship and will Bravo Team be able to locate him?

The horrific death this episode will haunt you for days and nights. But, the shocks don't end there. The final cliffhanger will blow your mind

                            ‘SEAL Team’ Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers: How did Ray end up on a ship and will Bravo Team be able to locate him?
Ray Perry on ‘SEAL Team’ (CBS)

Spoilers for ‘SEAL Team’ Season 4 Episode 5 

How far is Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) willing to go to rescue Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr)? In a heart-pounding episode, ‘SEAL Team’ sheds light on Operation Find Ray as Ray struggles to survive in captivity and Jason pushes the Bravo team to extreme lengths and considers crossing a dangerous line.

Trying to connect the dots, Jason seeks Lisa Davis's (Toni Trucks) help and they find a lead. “I know you are desperate to find another door to kick. But it's not until the Intel gets wider that we can.” Looking at Jason's desperation, she tells him about a clue in the city of Suez. “I got a lot of dots that do not connect,” she says. However, Jason tells her to trust her gut and go ahead.

The Bravo Team gets a hint about how the leader of a terrorist organization could be connected as his cell pinged once. They find a lead and break into a hideout and take a group of terrorists in. Sadly, none of them turn out to be of any major help and the episode only gets more intense. In fact, Jason gets a warning, “Jace, I respect you came back for one last op to save Ray but don't make it Bravo's last operation.”

‘SEAL Team’ (CBS)

Another Sonny and Clay rift?

When Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley) gets a little too agitated and aggressive, Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) stops him by yelling his name. “Hey Sonny, take it easy.” But he is not one to let go. “If these guys are, as Davis says they are, they could be strapped.” Clay argues, “But they aren't. Alright. And they might know something useful. Carrots before sticks.”

Hotheaded and stubborn, Sonny retorts, “You know this desk job of yours has turned you into a real pacifist, Mahatma Blondie.” And Clay snaps back, “Or maybe this guy is just taking the punishment right now because you're mad at yourself for your little fight with Ray.” Sonny replies, “Out. It's got nothing to do with that, alright.”  

Clay and Jason wonder if interrogating and threatening the men they catch hold of, especially Mr Nasri (Ibrahim Renno), will help locate Ray. But, the plan doesn't really work. 

‘SEAL Team’ (CBS)

Will Ray be tortured and killed?

Bloodied and battered, Ray sits on a chair as an assailant puts a sharp knife to his neck and almost slices his head into two. The heart-pounding scene leaves you wondering if Ray is already dead. Hold your breath! He survives and is thrust into a cell with his hands tied.  In the next scene, another man is pushed into the same cell. While Ray seems disinterested, he introduces himself and narrates his heartbreaking tale. “I am Zied. They think I am like them because I look like them.” 

As soon as Zied Al-Haqqan asks Ray, “Where are you from?” the captors enter the cell with guns and tape Ray's hands together to torture him and slice off parts of his body. When he returns, panic-stricken Zied asks, “What have they done?” Ray asks him to hush as he repeats, “I only want to know what they have done to you...”

Ray Perry on ‘SEAL Team’ (CBS)

‘They will not break me’

Valiantly, Ray remarks, “It's not about breaking your body. Pounding on the soles of your feet, rippin' at your fingernails, hurts like hell. They wanna break your mind and your spirit. They come randomly. No schedule, it's disorienting. They drive us insane.” When his young cellmate asks, “How do you stay sane?” Ray tells him, “Focus on what keeps your spirit strong. Faith. Family.” Saying he has two kids, Ray adds, “They were upset the night before I left. So I didn't kiss them goodbye the next morning. Don't leave a chance to kiss your babies.”

Touched, Zied asks, “How could you go on as if nothing has happened? That was worse than physical pain.” When Ray dishes out his plot to fight them, Zied hopefully exclaims, “Please tell me we can escape.” Ray tells him, “We have a better way. We need to call for help. Phone or radio.”
Zied is enraptured by Ray's composure and bravery. “How are you so calm about it?” he asks. Ray then tells him the secret, “I am scared. I am scared every moment. It takes everything to not show it,” and motivates him by repeating, “They will not break me... They will not break me. Brother, you got this.” 

Ray Perry on ‘SEAL Team’ (CBS)

Where really is Ray trapped?

Soon after, both of them are dragged out and in the very last moments, they kill Zied and leave Ray as the former's blood splatters on his cheeks. The horrific death will haunt you for days and nights. But, the shocks don't end there. As the fifth episode ends, it leaves another cliffhanger when Ray realizes where he actually is. 

Realizing the captors are talking about no signal, he looks around and the final scene shows a long shot of a sea with no way to go back. How did Ray end up on a ship and will Bravo Team ever be able to locate him?

Fans are already ready with their theories: 








Written by Dana Greenblatt and directed by Ruben Garcia, the episode counts among one of the best this season and the guest stars include Tim Chiou as Michael “Thirty Mike” Chen, Ben Youcef as Zied Al-Haqqan, Mo Anouti as Ray’s Guard, Ibrahim Renno as Mr Nasri, Ashwin Gore as Faraz and Omar El Gamal as Eating Guard. 

‘SEAL Team’ picks up on January 13, 2021, with the fifth episode — ‘The Carrot or the Stick’ — from 9 pm ET to 10 pm ET after the winter break. In case you don't have a CBS All Access subscription, you can also watch it on Amazon Prime, Direct TV, Fubo TV, or on YouTube TV by order.

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