When will ‘SEAL Team’ Season 4 Episode 5 air? Here's what to expect when the CBS series returns after winter break

Trying to show Naima the positive side, Jason then says, 'He could be fine... He could be at a hospital'

                            When will ‘SEAL Team’ Season 4 Episode 5 air? Here's what to expect when the CBS series returns after winter break
David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes (CBS)

Shocks and surprises have always been a part of ‘SEAL Team’ but the new twist came like a bolt out of the blue. In a shocking twist, the ‘SEAL Team’ episode ‘The New Normal’ ended with a major cliffhanger. Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) went missing in a major blast in Tunisia. Now fans can't stop wondering what will happen to Ray as he is declared “missing”.

In the fourth episode titled ‘Shockwave’, “When Warrant Officer Ray Perry goes missing following an explosion in Tunisia, his former teammates wrestle with how to help their brother and his family while Bravo Team is sidelined.” The one-hour drama focused on Operation Find Ray as the Bravo Team came together to bring him back. The one question lingering through minds is: Will Ray return home soon or will the operation fail?  

‘SEAL Team’ (CBS)

‘SEAL Team’ Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Jason goes to Naima Perry's (Parisa Fakhri) home and knocks on her door. Surprised to see him at first, in a second, she realizes how Ray is in danger and says “NO!” The moment will make your heart stop. Later, the two sit and share a conversation... “He was there alone,” Naima says. “He always took comfort knowing if something happened, he has teammates who would stand for him.”

Trying to look at the positive side, Jason then says, “He could be fine... He could be at a hospital.” But she blatantly asks him for the truth. “Whatever you're not telling me, Jason... Please. Forget what you're not allowed to say. It's me. It's us.” In that poignant moment, Jason keeps calm and remarks, “I know... If I had any more information, I would share it with you. That's why I came here right away because I didn't want to keep anything from you.”

Jason returns to Bravo Team to bring his oldest buddy back. As the episode comes to a close, Ray can be seen in an alleyway, running, but he is soon captured again and driven away in an SUV. When Jason reaches the room, he finds a video clip and realizes they were 20 minutes late. How could they let him slip away? Can Bravo Team save Ray?

Naima Perry (CBS)

What to expect when the CBS show comes back?

Written by Dana Greenblatt and directed by Ruben Garcia, ‘The Carrot or the Stick’ shows how Ray struggles to escape while Jason and the team worry if they can save their brother. The summary reads: “With no leads on Ray's whereabouts, Jason pushes Bravo team to extreme lengths and considers crossing a dangerous line to help locate their missing brother; Ray tries to survive captivity.”

The guest cast includes Tim Chiou as Michael “Thirty Mike” Chen, Ben Youcef as Zied Al-Haqqan, Mo Anouti as Ray’s Guard, Ibrahim Renno as Mr Nasri, Ashwin Gore as Faraz and Omar El Gamal as Eating Guard. 

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Fans can't stop asking what will happen next. Will Jason return to the Bravo Team? Can the team come together and save him? What will happen in the next episode? “Who else is ready to see how the boys go get Ray so excited to see what happens #[email protected],” one said and another posted, “#SEALTeam is going to be epic as always, I can't wait to find out what the hell happens to My Main Man Ray & what the status of Bravo Team after last week's lack of cohesion & I want to know more about Jason & Natalie.”



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When will ‘SEAL Team’ Season 4 Episode 5 air?

‘SEAL Team’ premiered Season 4 with two new back-to-back episodes — titled ‘God of War’ and ‘Forever War’ — on December 2, 2020. More episodes in the series will air every Wednesday in the 9 pm slot on CBS. The fourth episode ‘Shockwave’ airs on December 9, 2020, and following that, the show will go on its winter break.

Announcing the break, SEAL Team Writers wrote, “Thank you all for watching the last #SEALTeam episode of 2020! We couldn't have asked for better fans to make it through this hell of a year with us. We'll be back in January 2021, and until then -- happy holidays, happy New Year, and stay tuned!”


‘SEAL Team’ (CBS)


When the show went on a break in December for Season 3, it only returned on February 26, 2020. Wondering when will it be back this time? The CBS drama picks up on January 13, 2021, from 9 pm ET to 10 pm ET after the winter break. 

Until the show comes back, spend your holidays with Bravo Team! Binge every episode of SEAL Team on CBS All Access. But in case you don't have a subscription, you can also watch it on Amazon Prime, Direct TV, Fubo TV, or on Youtube TV by order.

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