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‘SEAL Team’ Season 3: What would have been Bravo Team's story had Episodes 21 and 22 been shot

'We were cut short finishing two episodes, so our season finale was not the way it was supposed to be ended,' David Boreanaz said in an interview
David Boreanaz (CBS)
David Boreanaz (CBS)

‘SEAL Team’ Season 3 is drawing to a close, but not quite as the showrunners planned it. The coronavirus crisis led to a stall in the shoot of the last two episodes and David Boreanaz had to leave Episode 21 unfinished.

"We were cut short finishing two episodes — everybody’s had that issue, on other shows — so our season finale was not the way it was supposed to be ended. But [this episode] definitely has an unexpected plot twist for a character, for Jason at least. I will say that. But we do come to some resolve with some characters, which also opens up more doors," Boreanaz, who plays Bravo 1 aka Jason Hayes in the series, told TVLine in an interview. 

He added, "When you resolve one specific thing that a character is going through, you open that door and you go through another door, and there are more doors to open. When you do resolve something, there’s always something on the other end saying, 'Oh, well, what about this?'"

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes (CBS)

Revealing just a bit more and still staying tight-lipped, he added, "[Coming out of] 22 there would have been some uncertainty. But [Episode] 21, there was a major cliffhanger out of 21 going into 22. It would have been a big… how should I say… moment that left you hanging on the edges." 

Disclosing how there were just "four more days of shoot left," he said, "I was shooting up in Big Bear — and I will say, there’s a lot of snow involved in that episode — and Chris [Chulack] was shooting 22, so we were kind of shooting two days here, two days there…. I had two days left on my episode, and Chris had four days when all this went down.

Reportedly, now that Season 4 has been renewed, it will begin with those unfinished episodes. Talking about his character development, Boreanaz said, "I think that’s just where Jason’s head is — he’s kind of like 'ignore and override' this season, really to a point of pushing his team and then finding himself being affected by that. I would say that is just his mentality."

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes (CBS)

He added, "He’s compartmentalized and forward-focused. It’s also a reference to where he is at the end of Season 3, and where he’s going right now into [Episodes] 21 and 22 — which aren’t done yet. It’s kind of weird to talk about, but he will have to come to grips with that, in 21 and in 22 especially."

Reflecting on that big plot twist at the end of Episode 19, where he finds out the terrorist leader is connected to his past, the actor told TV Insider, "It impacts Jason more so and we see that in Episode 21, that I directed, that we didn't finish. It's definitely something from his past, and Ray would be a part of that as well as Thirty Mike and who they went after, the father of this son that we just saw. That's where the connection and understanding of how intense this target is. The others don't know too much about that."

As ‘SEAL Team’ comes back with another season full of action, violence, drama and emotions it will be fascinating to see where each character proceeds, wouldn't it?