SEAL Team’ Season 3 Episode 20 Finale Review: After THAT kiss, do we see Jason and Mandy as a couple now?

As Season 4 of ‘SEAL Team’ comes back, there may be more about the 'morning-after' and how it will take Jason and Mandy's relationship ahead

                            SEAL Team’ Season 3 Episode 20 Finale Review: After THAT kiss, do we see Jason and Mandy as a couple now?
Jason Hayes and Mandy Ellis (CBS)

Spoilers for ‘SEAL Team’ Season 3 Finale Episode 20 ‘No Choice In Duty’

The past comes to haunt us in bizarre ways and for Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), life comes a whole circle. The terrorist leader that the Bravo Team is looking for is the same little boy who hid in the corner of a room as the Bravo Team killed his terrorist-father, Al-Hazred.

Trying to wade through difficult waters in Afghanistan, the Bravo Team is on a lookout for their terrorist hiding in the shadows. Keeping his feelings to himself, Jason calls him just another "target." The episode has one too many emotional twists and they will keep you glued to the screen. One of the most shocking turns comes when Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.) is told to lead the team on an urgent mission when they get a time-sensitive lead on a terrorist leader's location.

Meanwhile, Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley) is back! While Jason welcomes him with open arms, Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) is not the least bit interested in him. In fact, things seem to be moving pretty well with her new love interest, Reiss Julian (James Ransone). And by the end of the episode, Sonny has a hint about it.

Sonny Quinn and Lisa Davis (CBS)

Jason and Mandy's condolence visit

In last week's episode, we saw a rock-solid Mandy (Jessica Paré) burst into tears. It's quite unusual to see her like that and that confirms that it's all affecting her mental health. Jason goes to check up on Mandy and accompanies her to see the family and hand over a cheque. 

As expected, the action does not have a good reaction. The widow wails and yells at Mandy. At that point, Jason has to force Mandy out of the home. After they get back at the base, Jason comforts Mandy and they have a heart-to-heart conversation.

"The death of Dr. Craig and Cerberus has changed me. But I can pick up the pieces ​and move on," she tells him. The two talk about their real feelings and it's lovely how they are so unguarded when it comes to unpeeling their innermost fears. "The hardest part about it is that I chose to become this person," she tells him. The job has changed her and she doesn't like who she is now but she tries to come to terms with it. 

Jason Hayes and Mandy Ellis (CBS)

What's Jason's reaction to the change?

As the episode moves forward, Ray, Sonny, and Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) are able to track the location and get close to the target. The mission is accomplished, Ray's leadership and hard work save the day and the team comes together to celebrate with a drink.

Captain Greyson Lindell (Jamie McShane) would have probably wanted Jason to sink deep into his sorrow and accept the defeat. The Bravo Team can do fine without him. But, that's not how it rolls. Jason cheers and lauds his team's efforts. 

He has a heart-to-heart conversation with Ray and he tells him he wants to opt for Warrant Officer because his family is as important as the team. "I have seen the kind of sacrifices you have made for the team," Ray confesses to Jason and says he could probably never be Bravo 1. Jason understands his feelings but isn't happy to hear that.

Ray Perry (CBS)

Drowning in hopelessness, he knocks on Mandy's door. Guess what? They intensely pull each other, craving for an embrace and kiss. The door shuts with a BAM! And that's where the season ends.

Quite an unfair final scene, isn't it? Don't you wish Episodes 21 and 22 had been shot in time? Well, as Season 4 comes back, there may be more about the "morning-after" and how it will take Jason and Mandy's relationship ahead. Talking about the unexpected end, Boreanaz told TV Line in an interview, “Like I said, they have a connection, and they understand each other. They both operate in a world that is all about getting what they need to get done and where the odds against that are extremely high. There’s always a bullet for somebody.”

Keeping fans on their toes, he adds, “I think that people will be very surprised by what may happen in the next episode.” As the show comes back for another season, another question that remains unanswered is: Will Jason be back as Bravo 1?

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