'SEAL Team' Season 3 Episode 17: Sonny's real name cracks up fans who now want 'happy birthday Percival' cake

'SEAL Team' Season 3 Episode 17: Sonny's real name cracks up fans who now want 'happy birthday Percival' cake
AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn (CBS)

'SEAL Team' unrolled one of its most captivating episodes. Titled 'Drawdown', the series reflected on changing paths as Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley) reports to an Air Force base in Texas for disciplinary training.

Sonny gets reacquainted with Hannah (Rachel Boston), a childhood friend, and his father Emmet Quinn (John Savage). Sonny confesses to Hannah how things with his father haven't changed. Hannah tells him his dad frequents the bar, alone. As the three plan a dinner, Sonny has a heated argument with his dad. Sonny tells him how his dad left him at his grandmother’s house when he was barely eight. When his dad tries to comfort him saying, "You are still my son," Sonny puts a fork into the table in a fit of rage.

Amid all the chaos, we also find out that Sonny's real name is Percival Quinn. No sooner was it revealed, fans couldn't stop laughing over the odd name. "Did he just say Percival Quinn?? #SEALTeam," one tweet read and another said, "I always thought that Sonny was a nickname, but PERCIVAL?!? #SEALTeam."

John Savage as Emmet, Rachel Boston as Hannah and AJ Buckey as Sonny (CBS)

'SEAL Team' writers were quick to notice it and replied to the tweet, "We considered many, many names, but how do you say no to Percival Quinn?"

Fans are now posting hilarious tweets and also asking for a cake that reads "Happy Birthday Percival".

"It's what we deserve. 'Happy Birthday Percival' with a banner & a cake! #SEALteam," one tweet read and another said, "So gonna need a Sonny birthday scene where everyone sings, 'Happy Birthday Percival'."


One said, "Percival Quinn is his Christian name but Sonny suits him better. @AjohnBuckley #SEALTeam." Another one posted, "Just imagining a teen Sonny (Percival) driving that car around town..." One fan also posted, "Loved that! And Love that John Savage is Percival's dad! #SEALTeam."

The story in Sonny's world seems to be taking an emotional turn. Later, in the episode, Sonny heads to the barn and looks at his sparkling black car, a Trans Am. Seems like his dad cared for the car in his absence more than he thought he would. It does soften his heart a bit. Now, only time will tell if Hannah's entry into Sonny's life proves to be a good change or a bad one as more episodes roll on every Wednesday on CBS.


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