'SEAL Team' Season 3 Episode 15: Who is Jason's therapist and how is he different from Natalie, the physiologist?

Introduced in Episode 8, Jason's therapist is Dr Conner and is played by actor Louis Ferreira

                            'SEAL Team' Season 3 Episode 15: Who is Jason's therapist and how is he different from Natalie, the physiologist?
Dr Conner (CBS)

Dabbling through personal turmoil and intense missions, Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) definitely has a tough exterior but internally, he needs help. Right when Season 3 began, he was struggling with PTSD issues and slowly learnt to break the walls as the episodes progressed.

He may have begun a relationship with Natalie Pierce (Emily Swallow) on the show, but he still seems to be in two minds. Jason has trouble opening up to her and in this week's episode titled 'Rules of Engagement', he goes back to his therapist.

Introduced in Episode 8 titled 'Danger Crossing', he is Dr Conner and is played by actor Louis Ferreira.

If you are confused why Jason consults a therapist even though he has Natalie by his side, here's an old tweet 'SEAL Team' Writers themselves posted, "Hi, #SEALTeam fans! We've been seeing a lot of confusion recently, so we wanted to clarify something. Natalie is Jason's physiologist, aka a PHYSICAL therapist. This is NOT the same thing as a MENTAL therapist! Jason's therapist is Dr Conners (introduced in ep. 308)."

There is a huge difference between a mental health therapist and a physical therapist and that is what the show brings to the table. According to another tweet, back in Episode 4 'The Strength of the Wolf', Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) clarified the same to Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley), when he said, "She's a physiologist, not a psychologist, Sonny."

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes and Emily Swallow as Natalie Pierce (CBS)

As Jason expressed his fears and inhibitions to the therapist, he did counsel him with some great advice and fans seem to love the camaraderie. "Jason vs Doctor Conner's. They have a great dynamic. It sings," one wrote and another said, "Dr Conners sees Jason like no other, its a fascinating insight." One posted, "The therapy sessions with Jason are always so insightful & an eye-opener also TANK!! #SEALteam."

For many, it is very 'relatable'. While one fan tweets, "Jason and therapist is such great character work. Very relatable. #SEALteam," another said, "YES! Jason in therapy is so good form the acting to the writing, I hold my breath watching. #SOGOOD #SEALteam. Amazing episode! Killed it." Another one said, "Like I said before, Jason needs to continue going to therapy it's good for him and challenges him to see himself and his fears. #SEALteam."

As more episodes from 'SEAL Team' air every Wednesday on CBS, they may highlight whether or not Jason recovers fully and if his relationship with Natalie works in the long run. 

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