‘SEAL Team’ Season 3 Ending Explained: Will Clay and Ray leave Jason alone, is there no hope for Sonny-Lisa?

Only time will tell where ‘SEAL Team’ Season 4 takes these character's lives. For now, we can only wait

                            ‘SEAL Team’ Season 3 Ending Explained: Will Clay and Ray leave Jason alone, is there no hope for Sonny-Lisa?
Jason, Ray, Clay, Sonny and Lisa (CBS)

Spoilers for ‘SEAL Team’ Season 3 Finale Episode 20 ‘No Choice In Duty’

‘SEAL Team’ Season 3 ended with a big blast. The episode, ‘No Choice In Duty’, delved deeper into each Bravo Team member's fears and took them on different paths, but it brought them together again.

While Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) escorted Mandy Ellis (Jessica Paré) on a condolence visit to the family of a fallen informant, Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr) leads Bravo on an urgent mission when they are confronted with a time-sensitive lead on a terrorist leader's location. Peppered with emotional confessions, the team members tell each other what they really want from life. 

Jason and Mandy had a heart-to-heart conversation where she told him, "The death of Dr Craig and Cerberus has changed me. But I can pick up the pieces ​and move on." It was endearing to see them sharing their real feelings and being unguarded when it came to unpeeling their innermost fears. "The hardest part about it is that I chose to become this person," she told him. The job has changed her and she doesn't like who she is now but she is trying to come to terms with it. 

Clay Spenser and Sonny Quinn (CBS)

Towards the end, Ray also opened up to Jason about how he feels after taking up the leadership role. He said he wanted to opt for Warrant Officer because his family is as important as the team. "I have seen the kind of sacrifices you have made for the team," Ray confessed to Jason and said he could probably never be Bravo 1. Not happy to hear this, Jason was unable to contain his sorrow and went on knock-knocking on Mandy's door. An intense embrace and a deep, lingering kiss followed.

While the ending was not planned like this, it has left fans shook. But many unanswered questions remain. The episode hinted at Clay Spenser's (Max Thieriot) departure from the team. So will he be gone?

Moreover, what's left of Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley) and Lisa Davis's (Toni Trucks) bond? Will the latter end up with her newfound love interest, Reiss Julian (James Ransone)? Should we expect another kiss between them next season? And if that happens, will Sonny go back to his childhood friend, Hannah (Rachel Boston)?

Mandy Ellis (CBS)

Fans feel that would be better. "I'm glad to see Lisa happy in a relationship. Sonny Quinn was a neverending headache for my boo. #SealTeam," one fan said while another posted, "To be fair Sonny you moved on first or at least made it look to like you were back to sleeping around and you also gave her the cold shoulder. #SEALTeam #Savis."

Many fans are divided over Ray's decision. "Ray has always had a family, and how he reacted to when he was gonna leave Bravo in "Fog Of War" doesn't really line up with how he just give up Bravo tonight. Anyhow, I don't think it will stick. #SEALteam," one said and another posted, "Being lost is so close to being found as well. Hopefully, Jason will realize that. Ray has been trying all season to bring him back. Well all know, Ray won't give up. #SEALTeam."

And, of course, Jason and Mandy's kiss in the final scene has fans hoping they stick together. But it could probably just be a hookup, who knows? Only time will tell where ‘SEAL Team’  Season 4 takes these character's lives. For now, we can only wait.

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