Comic-Con 2019: 'Top Gun: Maverick' trailer unveiled by Tom Cruise during surprise visit to Hall H

Comic-Con 2019: 'Top Gun: Maverick' trailer unveiled by Tom Cruise during surprise visit to Hall H

People in attendance for the SDCC 2019 panel on Tim Miller’s ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ were in for a pleasant surprise. As the panel began to wind down, Conan O’Brien introduced an unexpected guest: none other than Tom Cruise himself.

Hall H exploded into thundering applause as the veteran actor took the stage. Cruise spoke about the much-awaited ‘Top Gun’ sequel, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, but he didn't just stop there. Fans who were in attendance were in for a very special treat as Cruise unveiled the film's first trailer.

The video feels almost like a tribute to ‘Top Gun’, including a sequence featuring Cruise racing an aircraft on his motorbike, a call-back to the original movie.

A voice-over at the start of the trailer sums up Macverick’s life since the first movie saying, “30 plus years of service. Combat medals. Citations. Only man to shoot down three enemy planes in the last 40 years. Yet you can’t get a promotion, won’t retire, and despite your best efforts you refuse to die.”


What follows is a treat to the eyes and a major source of excitement for the fans. You can check out the trailer here:


Paramount Pictures didn't just keep the trailer Comic-Con exclusive though. Almost immediately after it aired in Hall H, the ‘Maverick’ trailer was released online for all to enjoy. A poster for the upcoming movie was also unveiled.

Cruise's 'Top Gun' was one of the biggest hits of the '80s. The original movie came out in 1986. The movie, which marked Cruise’s rise to stardom, earned $356 million against a production budget of only $15 million.

Cruise, who is now one of the top actors in Hollywood, plays a more mature role in the sequel. Maverick is no longer the hot-headed, insanely talented fighter pilot he was. Over the years he has matured into a flight instructor.


The film will have him mentoring the son of his late co-pilot Goose (Anthony Edwards) who tragically died in a training exercise in the first installment. The movie’s cast also includes Jennifer Connelly ('A Beautiful Mind'), Jon Hamm ('Space Cowboys'), Ed Harris ('West World'), and a returning Val Kilmer ('Top Gun') as his fabled 'Top Gun' character 'Iceman.'

'Top Gun: Maverick' will land in theaters in 2020. 

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