SDCC 2019: 'Westworld' season 3 trailer debuted by Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson and Thandie Newton

SDCC 2019: 'Westworld' season 3 trailer debuted by Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson and Thandie Newton

'Westworld' season 3 is not set to premiere until 2020, but the trailer of the show was released at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2019. In the trailer, we get a look at 'Breaking Bad' star Aaron Paul who will play a pivotal role in the show.

'Westworld' season 3 is set in the future. Westworld is one of the six theme parks that Delos Inc. operates. In season 3 we see Thandie Newton's Maeve Millay try to navigate life in another world where World War II is taking place, and she lands here after escaping from Westworld with a number of CPU chips of other hosts as well. As a host becoming aware of her former life, Maeve's character is going through a complex time at the moment. 


We also see Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores in the real futuristic world outside the amusement park. This is after she escaped with chips of some of her companions. She is the old host at Westworld who learns the truth about how her entire life is framed to suit the person she is hosting. Aaron Paul's character was teased initially in the clip released following the 'Game of Thrones' season 8 finale on HBO and we saw that he led a life outside the amusement park which was for the rich and famous only.


He was seen rebelling against Delos Inc. citing inequality and more following which he is treated as a criminal and the trailer released July 20 expands on that. He may be punished with a death sentence because all that Paul's character seems to be doing in the trailer is stay alive. He is later recruited into Dolores' team, but it is unclear if he is forced into it.

Then we have Tessa Thompson's Charolette Hale who is also outside the park and Bernard is brought back mysteriously. He even tries to recruit Maeve to bring Dolores down. There are also faces we thought were no more than pops up in the trailer but how that shapes up is something we will have to wait to see.  

A still from the upcoming season of 'Westworld'. (Source: YouTube)

Speaking about the world this season is set in, creator Jonathan Nolan, at the panel, called it "The New World". We also learned that Paul is a construction worker named Caleb, who lives in the 2050-2060 era. Paul also revealed at the panel that his character is not a "white hat" as he seems on first look.


The character is complex, he said. Nolan also explained that season 3 will explore the concept of Algorithmic Determinism, as seen in the world today which has led to people's dependence on services to tell them what they want and at times even how to think. Season 3 will deal "with the world as it is - which is a giant sh*t show," Nolan said.

Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, newcomer Aaron Paul and showrunner Lisa Joy were the others present at the panel. It was also revealed at the panel by Nolan that "this is season is a little less of a guessing game and more of an experience with the hosts finally getting to meet their makers."

'Westworld' season 3 will premiere on HBO in 2020.


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