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SDCC 2019: 'Pennyworth' star Ben Aldridge says Epix show is full of hidden gems comic book fans would love

The actor also spoke about the research and preparation that went into playing Thomas Wayne and said this series will focus on his story as well
UPDATED JUL 21, 2019

The ongoing San Diego Comic-Con 2019 saw 'Pennyworth' star Ben Aldridge shed light about the much-anticipated origin series on Batman's butler, the preparation for playing Thomas Wayne and how the gritty drama has surprises for comic fans. 

Aldridge was positive the series would bring in fans. "Comic book fans will also love it as there are lots of easter eggs in the series as well. There are a lot of hidden gems, if you have read the comic books, you'll be able to recognize them," he said.

"I think it will draw a whole new audience. There's a 1960s London, the relationship between Thomas and Alfred which wasn't shown, and in that way, Bruno (Heller), the executive producer,  had the freedom to do what he liked, so it's pretty much about the psychology of these two characters." 

"The interesting thing that we're doing is we're giving a story to these characters," Aldridge said. "We stay faithful to the comics and Thomas is very faithful, moral and upstanding and there's Alfred who's grown up in the world of espionage, and in a way that compromises his principles."

"Various things happen to him over the course of the series that makes him question himself, whether he's comfortable doing it," he added. The actor also added that Martha Wayne (Emma Paetz), who plays Wayne's wife in the series was a huge character. 

When asked about the research and preparation that went into playing Wayne, Aldridge explained he went through the comic books for references. "There's a bit of Thomas' story in the series as well." That there was not really a lot of abundant material meant Aldridge had to heavily rely on the scripts. "Talking to Bruno off the sets, there were lots of tidbits that helped," he remarked.  

Aldridge modeled his performance after Cary Grant, the iconic Hollywood actor, and that suggestion came from the executive producers, Heller, and Danny Cannon. "No abundant material. Jack and I relied heavily on the scripts, so there's not too much of imagination that is needed," Aldridge added.

Season 1 of 'Pennyworth' premieres on Epix Sunday, July 28.