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Former member claims Scientology brainwashed Tom Cruise's children into hating Nicole Kidman, says Jada Pinkett Smith was a recruiter

Sam Domingo, opera singer Plácido Domingo's daughter-in-law, has revealed secrets about John Travolta, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kirstie Alley and has alleged that the church also 'bullied' her into having an abortion.
UPDATED JUL 10, 2019

Former Scientology member and the daughter-in-law of legendary opera singer Plácido Domingo, Sam Domingo has revealed some dark secrets about the Church of Scientology and its famous members including Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kirstie Alley. She has alleged that the church also "bullied" her into having an abortion and that they "isolated" Cruise's children after their dad's divorce from Nicole Kidman. Domingo had been with the church for 22 years. 

In an interview with Daily Mail TV, Domingo, 51, said that she met a lot of celebrities at the International Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles. She was close to Cruise's family and his three sisters Cass Mapother, Marian Henry, and Lee Ann DeVette. Her kids would play with Connor and Isabella, Cruise's kids. Domingo said that she felt the need to speak up after the church had "used" Isabella, 26 as a "poster girl" for the religion. 

Actors Nicole Kidman and husband Tom Cruise arrive at Sydney Kingsford Smith airport and introduce their children Connor and Isabella to the media January 24, 1996 in Sydney, Australia. (Getty Images)

In March, Isabella was a part of a Scientology ad where she thanked the church and her dad for helping her find the "missing piece". Domingo said that since Kidman and Cruise's 2001 divorce, the two children's lives changed and that they were allegedly brainwashed into hating her. "I feel sorry for that kid," she said, "You can't be anti-Scientology if you're part of Tom's family, you will be disconnected - look at his daughter Suri. Isabella's being used for PR, she's Tom Cruise's kid, it's not fair what they're doing to her and Connor. They have no choice but to be the poster kids of Scientology now," she said. 

She said that the kids were kept like they were in a  "boot camp", away from everyone, being watched by Marty Rathbun himself, who was a Scientology enforcer. Rathbun left the Church of Scientology in 2004 and now offers counseling and auditing services for other Scientologists who have cut their ties with the Church. "I know what techniques they used... I know what the second-in-command at the time Marty Rathbun did, he was so tough on them, the Cruise kids had no choice. After the divorce, they were indoctrinated into Scientology and very much isolated," she said. 

Domingo has also revealed that John Travolta allegedly tried to bring his son back to life in an ambulance back in 2009. His son, 16-year-old Jett passed away after having a seizure in the Bahamas. Domingo said that Travolta had tried to bring him back to life by commanding the "Thetan", believed to be the spirit in Scientology.  

She said, "Scientologists believe the spirit Thetan doesn't pick up a body until birth. If you lose a baby before it's born, then it's just an empty shell, nothing to worry about. It's the same with death. To them once your body is of no use, your Thetan can just go out and pick up a new body and carry on right where you left off," she explained. "John Travolta did a ''Bring Back To Life'' assist while Jett was in the ambulance, it's where you order the Thetan to get back into the body," she said. "'I command you to get into the body now'. This is meant to raise them back to life," she said. "When Jett died, Kelly was camped out at the Church HQ in Clearwater, in a hotel room, day and night, with private security, getting auditing."

06/15/99. Westwood, CA.John Travolta and Kelly Preston attend the premiere showing of his new movie ''The Generals Daughter''. Picture by DAN CALLSTER Online USA Inc/Getty Images

She also added that in the case of Kelly Preston, Travolta's wife, "She got pregnant while she was being audited several months later and Ben was born just over a year and a half after Jett's death. She will believe the Thetan of Jett is in Ben."

Domingo also said that Jada Pinkett Smith was a recruiter for the church and that she made money off it. "Jada would always be around," she said in the interview. "There was a Sunday buffet where you can invite your friends and they brought in Daphne Wayans, her then-husband Keenan and their five kids. Daphne told me that Jada had introduced them to Scientology, Daphne was really excited telling me all this, but that's what Jada did - she was charged with getting people into Scientology and I'm sure she'd be getting a commission for it." She called Smith one of the "Stepford Wives of Scientology". "'They deny they've ever been in it - they lie. She was a recruiter," Domingo said. 

As for 'Star Trek' actress Kirstie Alley, she had to go through a rigorous cleansing after she confessed to having a glass of wine during auditing (Getty Images)

As for 'Star Trek' actress Kirstie Alley, she had to go through a rigorous cleansing to be let "back in" after she confessed to having a glass of wine during auditing. "How degrading for such a huge star to be going up to all the tables in the restaurant literally begging people, 'Please can you sign my liability form?'' Alley had to get 101 signatures to get back into the Church. "It said something like, 'I drank wine while I was on course and to make up the damage I handed out a load of leaflets and I donated thousands to Scientology.' There was this long list just for a bit of booze," Domingo said, "She was always there with the rest of us, it endeared me to her, Tom Cruise wouldn't do that. Poor Kirstie, what can you say?"

A spokesperson for the Church denied Domingo's claims, Daily Mail reported.