School hosts 'adulting day' to teach students life skills including how to behave if pulled over by cops

School hosts 'adulting day' to teach students life skills including how to behave if pulled over by cops
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Students from the Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, were taught several life skills in order to help them adapt and learn to "adult" once they have left school and enter the real world. 

The students have been getting an education in practical life skills so that they are better prepared for "real life." The "Adulting Day" is held in the school and offers students workshops to cover many "adult" topics such as cooking and budgeting.

The graduating seniors were given the option to choose which workshops they want to attend and were told that they could pick around three out of 11.

For students interested in basic car maintenance skills, they were shown how to change a tire while other students were taught how to cook meals in their dorm rooms so that they could save money and not have to eat out. The students were also taught financial skills from their saving accounts to checking accounts. They were also taught how to use their credit cards with responsibility and also build a credit score. 


The Shepherdsville Police Department also made an appearance and showed students how to behave should they be pulled over by the cops.

Members of the army were also present and they discussed potential careers in the military and realities of being in the military while the students participated in fitness drills.

On its Facebook page, Bullitt Central High School shared that it wanted its students "to gain more knowledge and skills pertaining to their lives once they leave".

The school added, "We would like to thank the many community partners who helped us to make this event possible including The Center for Women and Families, KHEAA, the US Army, the Shepherdsville Police Department, UPS, Abby Baylor, Park Federal, Our Lady of Peace, and Mr. Rippy."


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