School girl to undergo surgery after living for 14 years with extra arms from her parasitic twin

Veronica Cominguez is set to undergo a surgery after living with two extra arms and half-formed fingers for 14 years

                            School girl to undergo surgery after living for 14 years with extra arms from her parasitic twin
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Veronica Cominguez was born with two extra arms and half-formed fingers from her parasitic twin dangling from her torso and after 14 years she is finally going to have them removed. Veronica, who lives in Iligan City in the Philippines, was born with two limbs and an oblong-shaped growth on her chest and stomach. The extra parts belonged to a parasitic twin who did not develop properly. The parts have eventually grown with her. Veronica even cleans her 'twin' and cuts its fingernails. After living with it for all these years, Veronica can finally have the surgery to have the parts removed. The village people gathered money to ensure that Veronica is able to get the surgery done. 

As reported by Daily Mail, Veronica will be traveling to Thailand to undergo the procedure. "When I was little, I thought it was just a foot. But as I grew up, it became bigger," she told the tabloid. Having these extra parts have caused hindrance in her everyday life. According to Veronica, the parts are heavy, limit her movement and sometimes leak. Veronica's mother Flora Cominguez revealed that their family has a history of twins. 

Even though Flora was unable to meet a proper doctor for a checkup while she was pregnant with Veronica, she claimed that she knew she was going to have twins and even picked up names for both of them. Unfortunately, Veronica's twin was unable to develop fully and she has been forced to grow up with a parasitic twin.

Flora noted that Veronica's navel always gets wet because of the liquid that comes out of it and sometimes, the discharge even has blood in it. The liquid that comes out of the opening smells bad, like human excretion," she noted. As for the operation, Veronica's doctor claims that the procedure is simple and the extra limb can be removed with an easy procedure. 

Dr. Beda Espineda, a pediatric surgeon at the Philippine Children's Medical Center, said, 'Most of these cases can be removed because, usually, the body structures involved are not vital." He further added, "Most of them are just attached to the skin or bones. For surgeons, it is easy to remove." While everything is in place, now Veronica is waiting to undergo the procedure and have the extra limbs removed. 

The local government officials in her village, which has her under its welfare care system told the tabloid that Veronica is set to fly to Thailand in the coming week. A spokesman from the Barangay Council of Kabacsanan said, "It has been arranged for Veronica to have an operation and we hope that she will live a normal, healthy life after this. Life has not been easy for her but she's a very sensible, clever and mature girl. She's a wonderful pupil. Everyone is very pleased for her that she can soon have an operation."

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