Teacher says fifth-graders made 'thrusting motions' behind her, touched themselves during her class

Denise Kruse, on Monday, alleged that students from Community Charter School of Paterson used to sexually harass her and that the management did nothing to protect her

                            Teacher says fifth-graders made 'thrusting motions' behind her, touched themselves during her class
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A teacher who got terminated from her job at a New Jersey school last year recently filed a lawsuit claiming that she was sexually harassed by fifth-graders before she got terminated. 

In the motion that Denise Kruse filed on Monday, she alleged that the fifth-grade students from Community Charter School of Paterson used to make 'thrusting motions' behind her. They even asked her if she ever performed oral sex and even put their hands down their pants in front of her and touched their genitals, according to Daily Mail.

Kruse, who is 30 years old, also claimed that the students would raise their hand during her class and tell her that they were sexually aroused. Adding to that, she said that they also used to upload videos of her buttocks on Snapchat secretly.

Kruse's lawyer Heidi Weintraub stated that the school and its senior officials did not protect Kruse from the harassment she faced. 

In addition to the sexual allegations, the suit also alleges discrimination and unfair termination against Curtis Palmore, the school's African-American CEO. Kruse states that Palmore did not renew her contract because he planned to replace the white staff members with black staff members he had worked with previously in The Bronx.

"The circumstances surrounding [the administration’s] failure to renew [Kruse’s] contract for the 2018-19 school year and then replace her with African-American teachers, is sufficiently suspicious to warrant the conclusion that she was discriminated against," the lawsuit read.

The Community Charter released a statement on Thursday as a response to Kruse's lawsuit stating, "The Community Charter School of Paterson is deeply committed to creating a workplace and learning community that is free of harassment or discrimination of any kind, where students and staff alike feel safe, supported and cared for."

Continuing the statement read, "While the school cannot comment on a complaint that has not been served, or publicly discuss an employee’s job performance, one can be assured that the school’s protocols for investigating and addressing sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation are consistent, fair and thorough."

However, in the lawsuit, Kruse goes on to accuse the school of creating a hostile environment to work in. She also added that they violated her rights by ignoring her complaints about sexual harassment, which she believes is the reason for her being terminated. 

According to NorthJersey.com, this is not the first allegation the Charter schools have received. Over the years, there have been other allegations. The most recent one was last year when the Community Charter was forced to pay a sum of $90,000 to a substitute teacher after she claimed that she was sexually harassed by school's administrator Manny Martinez.