An ode to 'Schitt's Creek': A microcosm of a world we wish to live in where love has no boundaries

'Schitt's Creek' sets an example for the world by assuring it that change although inevitable is not always unwelcome

                            An ode to 'Schitt's Creek': A microcosm of a world we wish to live in where love has no boundaries
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The final sixth season of 'Schitt's Creek' arrived early on Netflix. The show was originally supposed to release on the streaming platform on October 7, but creator and actor Dan Levy tweeted the surprise drop of the show four days early on October 3.

The early arrival of the very celebrated show was greeted with open arms as audiences across the world got on to the streaming site and binged away through the weekend. Along with the final episodes of the series that debuted in 2015, the documentary about the making of the show titled 'Best Wishes, Warmest Regards' was also made available on Netflix. Following the show's early development and behind-the-scenes, the documentary also offered insight into the making of the final episodes of the show - yes, especially 'those' ones.

Over the course of the six seasons of the show, 'Schitt's Creek' never sought validation, it proved it deserved it. Similar is the case with the Emmys 2020 when the show won big at this year's race, taking home all four awards in the comedy category and earning applause that rang across the world. Eugene Levy (who plays the role of the patriarch of the Rose family Johnny Rose) and Catherine O'Hara (who plays the flamboyant soap opera actress Moira Rose) won outstanding lead actor and actress in a comedy series. Creator Dan (who plays David Rose) and Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose) were awarded outstanding supporting actor and actress in a comedy series. In addition to this, the show also bagged the award for the best comedy series. Dan Levy even won the outstanding writing in a comedy series and outstanding directing in a comedy series award both for the show's final episode 'Happy Ending', an episode that had left us in tears.

(L-R) Pop President Brad Schwartz, Actress Sarah Levy, actress Annie Murphy, actor Eugene Levy, actress Catherine O'Hara, actor Daniel Levy, actress Emily Hampshire, Paley Center's Rene Reyes, and actress Jennifer Robertson attend The Paley Center for Media Presents An Evening with 'Schitts Creek' at The Paley Center for Media on March 2, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Getty Images)

There is little doubt that 'Schitt's Creek' is perhaps one of the most absolutely brilliant, clever, witty, laugh-out-loud funny yet heartfelt comedies out there. Each character of the Rose family compliments the rest with ease and fluidity that is perhaps can only be witnessed in real-life families. This is, in particular, Alexis' and David's sibling relationship whose onscreen portrayal is a strong indication of the caliber of Murphy and Levy as actors.

When the Roses first arrived in the dilapidated town of Schitt's Creek, they had nothing. Cramming their designer wears into n-number of suitcases, they rolled into town because this was their only safety net. They go from struggling with money and adapting to the people of this town and their ways of accepting their life here. If anything, the detour that their collective lives make at Schitt's Creek is essential to their growth.

So let's examine what it is that makes the show special to an audience spread across the world? To begin with, ridiculously rich people wearing a wardrobe worth of millions and name-dropping in every sentence is hardly the most relatable of characters on television. But the Roses are different. Bereft of everything that they earned, the family had nothing left to lose but their dignity. And arriving in this town, living in a rundown motel, with little to no facilities, even that is accomplished. Their initial repulsion soon gives way.

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That is when the Roses begin to accept their fate and gel into the lives of the locals. Soon afterwards, Moira runs for city council, David begins to work in the local boutique, Alexis gets a job at the vet's and then opens her communication agency and Johnny works at the motel with David's BFF Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire). And then love happens. It brings along with itself new avenues for each of the members of the Rose family -- avenues that were little thought of and explored before this.

'Schitt's Creek' takes all kinds of love and presents it just as it is - love - without any definitions, boundaries or categories. Love, in all its forms and kinds from family, friendship, companionship, and neighbor, is housed in this town where there is no space for prejudice.

And that is exactly where 'Schitt's Creek' sets itself apart as a comedy show. While other family-oriented dramedies try to put the focus on socio-political issues via their characters and /or storylines, the Pop TV original does so without even trying. One of the earliest things that gained popularity was the show's depiction of David's sexuality. The show also pays a tribute to what love could have been. In Alexis and Ted's (Dustin Milligan) (highly emotional) breakup, the audience sees a glimpse of a very real exchange that television rarely dabbles in and one that only comes from brave writing.

What makes 'Schitt's Creek' such a beloved show is its rare storytelling, thoroughly enjoyable characters and thousands of laugh-out-loud moments, sure. But most of all, 'Schitt's Creek' is a microcosm of a world we would want to live in - one without prejudice. The show sets an example for the world by assuring it that change although inevitable is not always unwelcome.

All six seasons of 'Schitt's Creek' are currently streaming on Netflix.

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