'Say Yes To The Dress': Will Tracy pick a $32,600 dress for her Kentucky royal wedding?

'Say Yes To The Dress': Will Tracy pick a $32,600 dress for her Kentucky royal wedding?
Tracy (TLC)

Tracy is a socialite from Kentucky who has always lived life in the spotlight. Coming from a wealthy background, Tracy found the love of her life in Ben when they connected through some mutual friends. Ben too hailed from a wealthy family and Tracy was quick to add that their wedding was going to be like a Kentucky royal wedding. 

Hinting that they were Kentucky's Royal family, Tracy's parents were quick to add that the wedding was going to be big. With over a thousand guests, Ben and Tracy were planning to get married in a castle with horses and a breathtaking environment. Undoubtedly, with the wedding welcoming so many people, Tracy needed to find a dress that would grab eyeballs and be something that no one has ever seen before.

She had her family to help her out and they were quick to add that there is no price cap on the budget. Tracy made it clear that if she finds a dress that makes her feel like a bride, she would not care about the price. Speaking to Randy Fenoli, Tracy revealed that she wanted a blingy dress. 

The first dress that Randy picked was exactly what Tracy wanted and it came with a hefty price of $32,600. Tracy liked the way it looked on her and decided to show it to the family. Undoubtedly, they fell in love with it at first sight. However, Tracy did not feel it was the dress for her as it was too heavy. To add to it, Ben's family was traditional and she wanted to wear a dress that was fitting for the emotional day.

Tracy's father thought the first dress was taking the attention away from her beauty and may not be the perfect fit for the wedding day. This led Tracy to try on the second dress. The second she wore it, she knew it could be the winning dress. When she showed it to her family, Randy suggested that they could have an overskirt on the dress that she could walk down the aisle in and then remove it for the ceremony after the wedding. Once they got the veil and the overskirt, the family could not control their tears. 

Seeing Tracy in the dress, they knew it was the one for them. Unlike the other dress, this dress was $8,500. Putting all the pieces together with an overskirt and a veil, the family knew it was the one she should walk down the aisle in. Tracy too felt the same when she first saw herself in the mirror and broke down crying. She knew it was perfect for her special day and without hesitation said yes to the dress. 

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