'Say Yes To The Dress': Caila Quinn of 'The Bachelor' finds her perfect dress, says it was 'passed down' to her

Caila Quinn came to Kleinfeld to find the perfect bridal dress and after a lot of trials, she finally found something that made her cry

                            'Say Yes To The Dress': Caila Quinn of 'The Bachelor' finds her perfect dress, says it was 'passed down' to her
Caila Quinn (TLC)

Kleinfeld is known to have familiar faces as their guest and in the season premiere of the show, 'The Bachelor' alum Caila Quinn came to the show to find the perfect dress for her big day. Caila appeared on the show when Ben Higgins was the bachelor but did not find her happily ever after on the show. 

She met her fiance Nick Burrello in 2017 and the two are now planning their wedding in Italy. Opening up about how she met Nick, Caila admitted that she found love when she was least expecting it. Reliving the memory as if it were fresh, she recalled that she met Nick on a rainy day in New York. The reality star admitted that she wanted to shop for her big day from 'Kleinfeld' because the show happened to be something she and her father Chris Quinn would bond on. Watching the show since the age of 10, being on the show marked a special occasion in itself for Caila. She was accompanied by her mother, Rosanna Quinn, and her friends, Margo and Kelsey.

Caila revealed she was looking for a dress that was simple but made her stand out in the crowd. She admitted that she had found a dress but it happened to be overpriced. Keeping her budget in the range of $5-10k, Caila hoped that she would find the one she has been looking for. Without wasting much time, Caila was given a couple of options to choose from.

While she liked the first dress she put on, her mother seemed unsatisfied and thought that the dress was basic. She went on to try another dress and fell in love with it instantly. Caila admitted that the dress gave her the feeling of being a runaway bride. However, the third dress was the winner as Caila broke down crying when she wore it. Her friends and family were waiting for that moment as they thought the perfect dress would be the one that made emotional Caila weep. Caila thought that the lace on the dress looked like Filipino lace and she admitted it was something she grew up with. The reality star also felt good about the dress because she felt it looked like it was 'almost passed down to me'.

Showing the dress to her friends and family, Caila confessed that she was shocked how well the dress looked on her and admitted it looked like it was made for her. 

'Say Yes To The Dress' airs on Saturdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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