'Say Yes to the Dress: America': Theresa Caputo's daughter Victoria finds two 'perfect dresses' instead of one

'Say Yes to the Dress: America': Theresa Caputo's daughter Victoria finds two 'perfect dresses' instead of one
Victoria Caputo and Theresa Caputo (TLC)

'Say Yes to The Dress: America' returned on Saturday night for an all-new episode. While the series featured the bride who will be representing West Virginia, we also saw 'Long Island Medium' star Theresa Caputo enter the store with her daughter Victoria Caputo who was looking for her perfect wedding dress. 

Entering the Kleinfeld Bridal store in New York, Theresa took consultant Lisa who had been a fan of hers since the beginning by surprise.

Theresa promised not to talk to spirits and share their message because this day was all about her daughter. 

Victoria revealed that she met her fiance Michael at a pizzeria that he owns with his dad. She shared that she had been going there since she was seven years old, and a couple of years ago, she met Michael on one such visit. The two hit it off really quick, and are now engaged to be married. 

Describing what she wants her dress to look like, Victoria shared that she wants it to be a way that everyone's eyes explode out of their heads.


She was also firm on wanting the exact opposite of her mother's style. The budget she had was a maximum of $8,000. Victoria also said that she wanted her dress to be poofy and with layers. 


Victoria and the rest of her family who accompanied her fell in love with the first dress she tried on. It was a flawless ball gown that was filled with rhinestones.

Though she was happy with the dress, Victoria wanted something that looked a little better for a party. So she decided that she would go for two dresses, one for the ceremony while she walks down the aisle and the second one that she would change into for the party. 

For the second dress, she tries on what her grandmother picked for her. It was a lovely gown that had a sparkly bodice, but from the waist down looked a little plain.


So even though Victoria was happy with it, the others weren't, and that included her grandmother as well.

She then tried on an ivory shade glittery dress that had a layer of lace with embroidery as the top layer. It was just the kind she was looking for. 


In no time, Victoria said yes to both her dresses and fans couldn't help but feel happy for the bride-to-be either.

Taking to Twitter after the episode aired, one fan wrote, "@syttd Victoria is so beautiful! Gorgeous! #[email protected]" Adding to that another wrote, "@viccaputo look a princess in her @DennisBasso dress! #SYTTD." 

"@viccaputo's Maison Signore dress is beautiful! #SYTTD," wrote a fan. While another shared, "I really love Victoria's @pninatornai dress. #SYTTD." 


"#syttd Victoria Caputo is off to a beautiful start, that 1st dress is gorgeous on her," wrote a fan. 

'Say Yes to the Dress: America' airs every Saturday night only on TLC. Check your local listings for more information.

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