'Save My Skin': Mariah feels she doesn't deserve a scarred face after bloody acne puts her under house arrest

'Save My Skin': Mariah feels she doesn't deserve a scarred face after bloody acne puts her under house arrest
Mariah (TLC)

Emma has been struggling with acne for a long time and it has reached a point where it has started affecting her confidence and self-esteem. Appearing in the latest episode (April 9) of 'Save My Skin', Mariah revealed that she had to deal with this acne ever since she was 12. 

However, her state was not as bad as it has become now. Mariah shared that she has tried to use various creams to make sure that it is controlled but none of them had yielded the results she had hoped for.

After seeing how the acne has been increasing in number and spreading, Mariah decided to meet a doctor who informed her that they are cysts that can be controlled with steroids. 

Since Mariah's skin had acne that was more in number, the doctor suggested that steroids will help. Unfortunately, it did not help as the acne remained. Mariah recalled that the acne would often bleed at times when she touched her face and it happened often when she was in public. 


Mariah confessed that it had been embarrassing and people would often stare at her or be shocked. She added that there were times when she could not wash her face as it would hurt and the pain was unbearable. Mariah finally decided to meet Dr Emma Craythorne and confessed that she does not think she deserves a scarred face. 

She further revealed that she had not stepped out of her house for the past two months because of the way her face looked. She added that she was petrified to see how bad her skin was getting and hoped it would become normal. Dr Emma assured Mariah that the acne can be fixed. 


She suggested a cream that would help smooth her skin and make sure that the acnes doesn't come back. Dr Emma admitted that there might be tiny bumps that she may notice despite using the cream but suggested that laser treatment can be used. She gave Mariah hope and she was happy to give it a try. 

After a couple of weeks, Mariah returned and her face was clearer than the first time she had made the visit. She admitted that she was happy to see how things had changed and was looking forward to being positive about her future. 


'Save My Skin' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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