'Saturday Night Live': Pete Davidson dazzles in drag queen avatar and fans are absolutely loving it

'Saturday Night Live': Pete Davidson dazzles in drag queen avatar and fans are absolutely loving it
Pete Davidson (NBC)

'Saturday Night Live' brought yet another entertaining episode this week with RuPaul as its host and Justin Bieber as the musical guest. However, the one who stole the show was Pete Davidson. For one of the skits, RuPaul decided to find a new face for being on the cover of a Drag magazine. 

The skit starts with RuPaul striking a pose for the cover of the magazine but after a while, he grows tired and says it is time to find the next face to be the drag queen. RuPaul said that he felt that if he graced the cover of the drag magazine all the time, things would become redundant. This made him look for the next person to take on the cover and luckily, he had one at his disposal. 

Standing right there, RuPaul sees Chad, played by Pete Davidson, and instantly feels that Chad would be the perfect face for the cover. He goes to Chad and looks at him closely only to realize that Chad has the perfect cheekbones, face, and eyes to be a drag queen. 

This pushes RuPaul to take on the challenge of turning Chad into a drag queen. It starts with step one which is 'The Tuck'. The step ensures that there are no bulges or bumps that are seen. Chad seems to have a hard time understanding it but it gives a chance for RuPaul to make a comment about how good Chad looks.


The pair quickly move on to step two- "The Look". This step ensures that Chad has the perfect attire to step on stage and dazzle it. The third and final step is "The Face". This includes getting that perfect look. Right from the makeup to hair, everything should be on point. RuPaul then helps Chad to have the perfect lips and advises him to act like he is kissing. However, Chad's kissing imitation leaves RuPaul surprised.

Nonetheless, RuPaul thinks Chad is finally ready to show off his drag side and asks him to own it as if he wears a crown. Unfortunately, Chad did not seem too keen about getting into drag and this led RuPaul to bid him goodbye.

While Chad might have taken a leave from drag, the fans sure fell in love with him. "I don’t know where #PeteDavidson goes from here with that character. That was pure #gold," read one comment while another added, "I didn’t know I needed Pete Davidson in drag but here we are".

'Saturday Night Live' airs on Saturdays at 11:30 pm ET on NBC.


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