'Saturday Night Live': Fans think Justin Bieber just lip-synced his way through 'Yummy' and are really angry

'Saturday Night Live': Fans think Justin Bieber just lip-synced his way through 'Yummy' and are really angry
Justin Bieber (NBC)

Justin Bieber returned to 'Saturday Night Live' as the musical guest and decided to deliver a performance of his latest single, 'Yummy'. Bieber decided to stick to casual attire as he was seen wearing a black T-shirt with green pants. While the singer impressed the audience with his dance moves that were introduced in his singing gig, many thought that the singer lip-synched. 

Many fans took to social media to express their disappointment over his performance. "Music is still in recovery mode, after watching Justin Bieber perform (lip-sync) on @nbcsnl
Just rambling like a mental patient and making real musicians sound even better. Can’t we make music again," one complained. 

Another wrote, "Justin Bieber would have had 4 “X” buzzers on AGT by now... auto-tune, lip-sync and processed music. Awful." Some even blamed NBC for this performance as one wrote, "@nbcsnl wow could UGLY @justinbieber lip-sync anymore just make it so obvious."

Fans were also left in shock with the teaser that 'Saturday Night Live' released ahead of their episode. In the teaser, RuPaul and Bieber could be seen talking to each other while giving the audience an idea of what they could expect from the episode. While the two seemed to hit it off immediately, fans were finding it hard to believe that the person next to RuPaul was Bieber. 

 "who is that person next to Ru?! That is NOT Justin Bieber!" read one tweet. Another wrote, "whoever is that person standing next to you @RuPaul he looks homeless."

Others thought that RuPaul could help Bieber as the comment read, "RuPaul needs to teach Bieber to take a shower and look fierce." Another added, "What on Earth happened to Justin Bieber? He looks like he’s trying to take a leaf from James Franco’s book with that pedostache. I mean I only care enough to post a comment cause it makes me both laugh and feel a tad concerned."


'Saturday Night Live' airs on Saturdays at 11:30 pm ET on NBC.

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