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'Saturday Night Live': Hilarious act with Daniel Craig on the extremes people will go to deal with coronavirus

'Saturday Night Live' is not letting go of coronavirus as the topic for their segment and it looks like they have managed to picture a soap opera in the time of coronavirus
UPDATED MAR 19, 2020
Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Coronavirus has had everyone grabbing their masks and sanitizers and it looks like 'Saturday Night Live' has managed to make this as their talking point for the show.

In today's (March 7) episode of the show, there were several instances where the topic of coronavirus was at the center. For instance, the show even produced a soap opera that highlighted life amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

The show titled 'The Sands Of Modesto' showcased how people are cautious about touching anyone and even highlighted how people are trying to maintain a safe distance to ensure that they do not catch the disease.

The show starts with Debra asking her makeup artist to put some lip gloss on her face but since it has been advised to maintain a safe distance and almost no contact with another person, the makeup artist decides to apply the lip gloss using a long stick. 

Once he is done with his task, he decides to leave but it is at this moment that Debra receives a call. However, fearful of germs and bacteria lurking around, she decides to spray sanitizer on the phone to ensure that she would be safe. With the phone call, Debra learns that her daughter is alive and is coming to meet her. 

She then hears a ring and even though she is excited to open the door she knows one can never be too careful. For this purpose, she uses a tissue to put on the doorknob and then opens the door. While the mother-daughter duo is expected to hug, they decide to do so from afar to make sure both of them are fine. 

It is then that her daughter informs her that she was saved by a man and this role is portrayed by Daniel Craig, who was the host for this week's episode. It so happens that Debra already knows him as the two were previously lovers. 

Craig informs Debra that he decided to come along because he could not stop thinking about her. While the daughter leaves to give them a moment, the two showcase how they become intimate when the fear of coronavirus is at an all-time high. Debra recalls how she loved it when Craig used to play with her hair. 

The viewers are then shown a plastic hand coming her way and playing with her hair. Once the camera pans out, the viewers get to see that Craig was using a long stick and had inserted a plastic hand to make sure that he does not have to touch Debra by himself.

Later, the two decide to share a passionate kiss but for protection, they put a plastic sheet between them. 

However, the two can still not keep their hands off each other and decide to cuddle and make sure that they put a plastic sheet between them to take precautions. Just when the two are about to get intimate, Craig's ex-wife enters the scene who first uses a hand sanitizer before hitting Debra from afar. 

To show the two women fighting, a replica of them as Barbies are used. The scene ends when Craig's ex-wife sneezes and the two leave the room because they do not want to be near anyone who is sick.

Throughout the episode, the show made a parody of the disease but fans were in love with it. There is no doubt that the show delivered a good soap opera and we would love to see more of it. 

'Saturday Night Live' airs on Saturdays at 11.30 pm ET on NBC.