'SNL': Maya Rudolph wears same outfit as Kamala Harris, fans wonder if show is in touch with Biden campaign

One fan tweeted, 'How did they get @KamalaHarris’s outfit SO RIGHT ON in such short order?'

                            'SNL': Maya Rudolph wears same outfit as Kamala Harris, fans wonder if show is in touch with Biden campaign
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It has been an eventful week with the elections and then the anticipation regarding the results. ‘Saturday Night Live’ had announced, much to the delight of its fans, they were adding a post-election episode on November 7. Just like four years ago in 2016’s post-poll episode, the hosting duty of this episode was given to comedian Dave Chappelle. The musical guest for the evening was Foo Fighters. Most fans were looking forward to what aspects of the Election Day and results ‘SNL’ incorporated in this episode.

The show was delayed for almost half-an-hour due to the Clemson vs Notre Dame college football game. By the time the show was on air, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were announced the president-elect and the vice-president-elect respectively and both of them had already given their first public speech. So, the cold open, without any surprise, focused on the election result. “I know I’m supposed to be a neutral news anchor, but god damn it, that feels good,” Beck Bennett as Wolf Blitzer exclaimed at the beginning of the sketch, before going to Jim Carrey as Biden, who was on a podium to address the nation.

Carrey’s Biden said, “We did it. Can you believe it? I actually kind of can’t. It’s been so long since something good happened.” Maya Rudolph as Harris reminded of all the firsts she was achieving, including being the first female, the first Black and the first biracial vice president. “If any of that terrifies you, I don’t give a funt. My husband is also Jewish and the first second husband, so between us, we check more boxes than a disqualified ballot,” she said. The duo said they won’t gloat before saying,  “May be a tiny bit” and they grooved to ‘You About To Lose Your Job’. Then Bennett’s Blitzer pointed out that the people watching at home also want to “see the president sad.”

The scene shifted to Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump for a concession speech that in reality never happened. Baldwin’s Trump said, “Of course they’re trying to steal the election! Stop the count! Stop the count…oh we’re behind! Count all the votes!…look at all that red.” The red he was referring to, which Chloe Fineman’s Kayleigh McEnany brought out to support that claim, was actually the map of “Covid-19 cases”. Then Baldwin’s Trump sat down at a piano and sang a subdued version of ‘Macho Man’, before saying, “This isn’t goodbye, America. I’m just going to say, ‘See you in court’.”

One thing that people were impressed with though were how quickly they got an almost identical costume for Rudolph’s Harris. The white suit that the real Harris wore during her first speech as VP-elect and the one that Rudolph wore, were quite similar.

One user tweeted, “@nbcsnl cold open was KILLER. How did they get @KamalaHarris’s outfit SO RIGHT ON in such short order?!” Another said, “Is it weird that the whole cold open made me wonder whether #SNL wardrobe was in touch with the #BidenHarris campaign? Because they matched the outfits perfectly.” One commented, “I LOVE how quickly @nbcsnl was able to put together this cold open COMPLETE WITH KAMALA’S AWESOME OUTFIT!”






Fans also were discussing the ‘Macho Man’ rendition by Baldwin’s Trump. A fan shared, “I was laughing like a hyena when Alec Baldwin was playing the slow, melancholy "Macho Macho Man”.” Another said, “Ok, Baldwin singing as Trump this slowed down version of Macho Man got me dying!” One stated, “That’s one sad “macho man”. Will miss Alec playing Trump but won’t miss Trump in the White House!”






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