'Saturday Night Live': Issa Rae likens hosting show to her prom, Internet says 'fell asleep during monologue'

At the beginning of her monologue, the actress said that she was so scared that she might just throw up

                            'Saturday Night Live': Issa Rae likens hosting show to her prom, Internet says 'fell asleep during monologue'

‘Saturday Night Live’ is back with another new episode this week. The hosting duty for this week was given to actress Issa Rae. This is the first time that she is hosting the show. The musical guest for the evening was Justin Beiber. The singer appeared as a musical guest last season of the show as well.

At the beginning of her monologue, Rae said that she was so scared that she might throw up. She also said that “some of [her] favorite comedy legends like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon” had once hosted the show. The actress remembered how her popular show ‘Insecure’ premiered on HBO ahead of the 2016 election. She said, “It felt really awkward for my life to be going so good. It was rude to be peaking while democracy was collapsing.” Rae, then, compared the first year of her HBO show to being in freshman year of high school wherein she was still figuring out where would she fit in and who would be in her close circle. “Hosting SNL is like my prom and you guys are all my dates. I’m ready to go all the way y’all.”

The actress also said that she has perfected the Hollywood-way of greeting people at parties — “Oh my god, hey!” And, if nothing works, she joked, “Excuse me, I'm Mary J Blige.” Rae quipped, “If this show goes bad though, just blame it on me: Mary J Blige.”

As soon as Rae's monologue was aired, viewers started talking about it on Twitter. A user said, “RT! I like Issa, but her monologue fell flat.” Another commented, “#snl I already fell asleep during Issa’s monologue. Tell me she didn’t write it. Cold open was awful. Pro-Trump. Back to boycott.” Another stated, “#SNL I find it hard to believe SNL can't come up with funnier skits.  The Canadian news show was lame. The opening monologue had maybe 1 laugh.”

One user tweeted, “I am. So far the monologue and first couple skits have been trash. #SNL had a high with Bill Burr.” Another opined, “Issa Rae looks beautiful and that's the only compliment I can give her on that monologue.” A user said, “About time the monologue ended, only laughed once. Issa Rae not ready for comedy #SNL.”













But there were some who had a different opinion. One fan said, “Raise your hand if you’re feeling like a proud mom watching @IssaRae slay her monologue on @nbcsnl.” Another commented, “@IssaRae looked gorgeous during her opening monologue! So glad to see her on #SNL finally - well deserved.” One concurred, “Miss @IssaRae crushed that opening monologue!!! So proud of her! @nbcsnl.”







Earlier, the show featured a recreation of the two townhalls — of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden — that took place on October 15. The cold open narrator said, “One town hall was a thoughtful, cogent discussion of the issues facing our country. The other featured President Trump.” While Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey reprised their roles as Trump and Biden respectively, Mikey Day portrayed George Stephanopoulos and Kate McKinnon portrayed Savannah Guthrie.

‘Saturday Night Live’ airs on NBC at 11.30 pm ET

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