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'Saturday Night Live': Jim Carrey's Biden fails to make a mark, Internet says 'it's not too late to replace'

Senior entertainment editor for The Daily Beast Marlow Stern said, 'Jim Carrey’s manic energy couldn't be more off for biden. just doesn't work at all'

The new episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ recreated the October 15 town halls of President Donald Trump (on NBC) and Democratic nomiee Joe Biden (in ABC). Alec Baldwin was as Trump, while Jim Carrey played Biden. Mikey Day portrayed George Stephanopoulos, Kate McKinnon played Savannah Guthrie, and Maya Rudolph made a brief appearance as senator Kamala Harris.

In Biden’s town hall when he was asked how he would handle the pandemic, Carrey’s Biden said, “Here’s the deal, unlike the president I actually have a plan.” He was asked what his plan was, Carrey’s Biden said, “A plan? It’s a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.” While trying to explain the plan, he said, “Let me start with a story, mixed with a complicated math problem: If you have three million doses of vaccine and the vaccine leaves Chicago at 10 am, what time would it arrive in Washington, and please show your work.”

Meanwhile, during Baldwin’s Trump town hall, McKinnon’s Guthrie said at the beginning, “If you were mad at NBC for doing this town hall, just let me get a few questions in and I think you’ll thank me.” She started by asking why he won’t condemn white supremacy, to which Baldwin’s Trump replied, “I do. I do condemn it. I’ve always more or less condemned it.” Baldwin’s Trump also avoided McKinnon’s Guthrie’s questions about when he last tested negative for Covid by saying he got tested all the time and “there are so many Covids” and “my lung is beautiful”. Every time the scene shifted to Carrey’s Biden town hall, he was in the middle of a seemingly long-winded story, including talking to God, putting on a "Mister Rogers" sweater and also painting.

Then each candidate was given a chance for closing remarks. Carrey’s Biden promised he would not tweet once if he is elected — “because I don’t know how”. Baldwin’s Trump asked America if they are better off than they were four years ago, a graphic of America on a globe shouted, “No.” Then he said, “All right, then just try and take me alive.”

This was Carrey’s third appearance as Biden. Before the show began, it was announced that Carrey would be portraying the role of the former vice-president. Earlier it was played by actor Jason Sudeikis. However, after the recent episode, a lot of people took to Twitter to discuss how they weren’t happy with the choice. Senior entertainment editor for The Daily Beast Marlow Stern said, “Jim Carrey’s manic energy couldn't be more off for biden. just doesn't work at all.” Another said, “Good god #snl you have to dump this Jim Carrey casting dumpster fire. His impression is so disconnected from Biden it’s absolutely painful to watch.” Writer Charlotte Clymer commented, “I say this with love and respect: it's not too late to replace Jim Carrey and get someone else--anyone else--to play Joe Biden. Let Kate McKinnon do it. She's already there, and she'll nail the role. Have mercy on us all.” One said, “I was so EXCITED about Jim Carrey playing Biden, but it REALLY ISN'T WORKING. #SNL They need to bring back @jasonsudeikis.”





‘Saturday Night Live’ airs on NBC at 11.30 pm ET.