'SNL': Alec Baldwin spoofs Trump blaming coronavirus on Democrats, fans say he's 'scarily accurate'

Alec Baldwin makes a return on 'Saturday Night Live' and gives an idea of what Trump thinks about coronavirus

                            'SNL': Alec Baldwin spoofs Trump blaming coronavirus on Democrats, fans say he's  'scarily accurate'
Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump (IMDb)

Alec Baldwin is known for impersonating Trump on 'Saturday Night Live' and making comments about the president's decisions since he came to power. On April 11, 'Saturday Night Live' was no different. While Baldwin did not appear on the show, his voice sure did. Baldwin decided to be on-call rather than to come on the show and his famous Trump impressions left people laughing out loud. 

The show made sure that they asked all the questions they had in mind in relation to coronavirus. Trump (Baldwin) agreed that by now he was convinced that coronavirus was invited by democrats while adding they were doing everything they could to make sure that the number of cases decreases. 

Trump was later asked about his thoughts on wearing a mask. Trump agreed that it is important to wear masks and wash hands regularly as it was suggested by people working in the healthcare department. However, when he was asked if he is wearing a mask, he agreed that he didn't like the last time he wore a mask he hotboxed himself and fainted. 

He further revealed that it also posed a problem when he had to go for a tan. Trump also allowed a burning question about why he was not referring to coronavirus as the "Chinese virus" anymore. Trump admitted that he decided to turn down on the ethnic slurs after he found out that most of the equipment needed in healthcare came from China. 

However, he did reveal that there were several other names that he had chosen for the virus. Some that he suggested included, "Hong Kong Fluey, Wang Chung lung, Covfefe-19 and others". While one might think that he was open to many questions, there were some that he decided to push aside by stating that they were some "nasty questions". 

Fans fell in love with Baldwin's impression. "Alec Baldwin is on Weekend Update on SNL at Home right now. His Trump impression is scarily accurate," read one comment. Another added, "I knew they'd do a Trump gag during #SNLAtHome! Way to pull it off." Another comment echoed, "Take it from me #AlecBaldwin was very funny and as usual captured #Trump pathology beautifully." 

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