'Saturday Night Live': Chris Rock jokes he's sorry for Covid after Trump's infection, Internet says 'not funny'

Referring to the news of President Donald Trump’s testing positive for Covid-19 and going to the hospital, Rock said, 'my heart goes out to Covid'

                            'Saturday Night Live': Chris Rock jokes he's sorry for Covid after Trump's infection, Internet says 'not funny'
Chris Rock (Getty Images)

‘Saturday Night Live’ is back with its 46th season. The first episode was hosted by actor Chris Rock and all eyes were on him regarding his monologue. Here’s how it played out.

After removing his mask, Rock started his monologue. He didn’t mince his words and “addressed the elephant in the room”, referring to the news of President Donald Trump testing positive for Covid-19 and going to the hospital. “My heart goes out to Covid,” Rock said. He also addressed the restricted audience and said that audience members were all first responders.

The pandemic was one of his biggest talking points and he stated how it interrupted his plans. He explained, it was his sister’s wedding, for which he paid Bell Biv Devoe $80,000 and he “can’t get it back” and not able to attend Coachella — “I’m not seeing Rage Against the Machine this year, man. That is a travesty.” He also spoke about “renegotiating” relationship with the government. “I think we need to renegotiate our relationship to the government. Does it work? I think Joe Biden should be the last president ever. We need a whole new system, OK? … What job do you have for four years, no matter what?”

He added, “We’ve agreed in the United States that we should not have kings, yet we have dukes and duchesses running the Senate and the Congress, making decisions for poor people. Rich people making decisions for poor people — that’s like your handsome friend giving you dating advice.”

He reminded people that the only criterion a president technically needs is to be 35 years of age and have been born in the US.  “There should be some rules to being the president. Do you realize there’s more rules to a game show than running for president? Donald Trump left a game show to run for president because it was easier.”

However, he did praise Trump and say “he’s got the most energy of any 75-year-old person on the face of Earth.” On voting, he said, “the government does not want you to vote. Why do I know they don’t want you to vote? Because election day is a Tuesday in November… If this show was ‘Tuesday Night Live,’ it would have got canceled in 1975.” He also said, “We’ve got to take this serious, man. Everything going on right now. We can lick this, we can beat this, if we face it together.”

People on Twitter also discussed about Rock’s performance. His ‘feel sorry for Covid’ comment had a lot of people talking. One said, “Why is Chris Rock on SNL saying he feels sorry for Covid that Donald Trump has Covid?” Another said, “Chris Rock on SNL just now about Trump having C19... 'I just wanna say, my heart goes out to Covid.'  Chris didn't mean it in a positive way. But I feel sorry for C19  as well — cause Trump is going to kick its a**.” Another said, “They are scum. They never would have done such a skit if Biden had been the one with Covid, and Chris Rock in his monologue said he felt sorry for Covid, not in a flattering way, re: Trump.” One said, “Do people really find Chris Rock funny? I find an actual rock would be more entertaining than him, to be honest.” Another said, "You're no longer funny. And so full of yourself just like your other ilk in Hollywood and the lame-stream media."






There were a few who praised his hosting skills. One said, “Chris Rock just dropped bombs, best intro ever.” Another said, “Watching Chris Rock's monologue and YESx1000 that we need to renegotiate our relationship to the government. This country does not work by any stretch of the imagination.” One said, “Chris Rock is killing it.!! Thank you SNL!!Fox faceFace with tears of joy.”




'Saturday Night Live' airs on NBC at 11.30 pm ET.

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