Sarah Paulson rips troll who called her 'transphobic' for NOT adding pronouns to bio: 'Don't tell me what to do'

Some accused the gay actor of not supporting the LGBTQ community

                            Sarah Paulson rips troll who called her 'transphobic' for NOT adding pronouns to bio: 'Don't tell me what to do'
Sarah Paulson doesn't like being told to put her pronouns on Twitter bio (Getty Images)

Sarah Paulson clapped back at a Twitter user on Wednesday, March 31, after they slammed the actor due to the contents of her bio and her response has netizens divided. "@misssarahpaulson put [your] pronouns in your bio, it's not that hard," a troll wrote in a now-deleted tweet, according to a report by Nicki Swift. The 'Ratched' star replied, with a shrugging emoji, "It's also not that hard for you to not tell me what to do."

Paulson's response to the tweet prompted a flurry of reactions on the social media network, with some accusing the gay actor of not supporting the LGBTQ community. It incensed some fans further since it is Trans Visibility Day.  


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The now-deleted tweet and Sarah Paulson's response. (Twitter/@avatargia)


Was Sarah being 'rude'?

A Twitter user said: "Wow I can't believe that I'm disappointed in Sarah Paulson. Never thought this day would come. we are truly living in the worst timeline." "Not Sarah Paulson being messy on TRANS VISIBILITY DAY ......," said another, while another user tweeted snapshots of hate tweets the actor got, saying: "Sarah Paulson, who told JK Rowling to 'shut up' is currently receiving a flavour of the hate mail she recieved. Why? No pronouns in bio."

Other rude messages came in as people called her 'ugly'. "Sarah paulson transphobic sarah paulson ugly sarah paulson weird sarah paulson cancelled sarah paulson big forehead sarah paulson flop sarah paulson fat," said a tweet. "Tbh i don't give a fuck if sarah paulson doesn't wanna put her pronouns in her bio that's fine but cis people defending her rude a** response to someone with good intentions is .... weird to say the least," said another.











Sarah Paulson (Getty Images)


'Cancel me too', say fans

Although the 'American Horror Story' actor's remarks had some up in arms, many others came to her defense stating it's her bio and she can do as she pleases. "People who want to live their lives the way they want are mad at Sarah Paulson her life the way she wants. OK.," said a tweet. "On god don’t see any male actors putting pronouns in their bio but when sarah Paulson doesn’t do it all hell breaks loose," said another. "Sarah my queen, we're leaving all our love for you we love you forever, and to cancel me too because i also have no pronoun in the bio @MsSarahPaulson SARAH PAULSON BRAZIL LOVES U," added a third.

Others said how there were far more important issues for trans people to raise than Paulson's Twitter bio. Said a netizen, "How about speaking about the discrimination trans people are receiving. How about mentioning the real problems, like not receiving health cares, not being employed. How about them being murdered due to hate crime. Sarah paulson not having pronouns in her bio is not a real issue!." 









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